What the heck? Here’s our challenger brand of the month.

Heck Sausages


Heck are a small family brand. Quite simply they create great sausages, burgers, meatballs and veggie variations. They pride themselves on locally sourced high quality ingredients and at Toast we love the idea behind their family food.

Heck are a relatively new market challenger, established in 2013 by the Keeble family with the express desire to appeal to the 18-45 year old demographic who weren’t necessarily engaged with sausages in the way older generations were. Driving force Andrew Keeble said recently “We are up against it. We are the only independent premium brand on the shelf nationally in the UK. All the rest are under the guise of big companies.”

We admire their desire to take on the big players in the market and retain that small family friendly feel.

Heck Family


With some supermarkets in the spotlight for inventing family sounding farm brands it’s good to know challenger brands like Heck offer a genuine, great tasting alternative. They are attracting and retaining a loyal following in a very competitive market. In fact customers who haven’t bought sausages in over a year are buying Heck sausages because of the modern branding, competitive pricing, and great word of mouth. Perhaps a well targeted TV advert aimed at the viewing habits of their target audience would be a great way of staying ahead of the competition? But certainly, with their gung-ho attitude and locally sourced fresh ingredients we think Heck will be no flash in the pan!