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BVOD meaning – Broadcast Video On Demand has become the dominant force for reaching audiences with precision. It provides the perfect fit between traditional TV advertising and online video advertising.

Traditional TV advertising has always been a reliable option for its broad reach and mass market appeal. Still, online video ads have gained popularity for their precise targeting options and data-driven analytics. Enter BVOD advertising, the perfect fusion of reach, targeting, and analytics.



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The TV industry is an evolving landscape that is quick to spot opportunities. As set-top boxes and connected TV’s have become more popular, broadcasters have seen increased platforms for their content.

The subscription model has made tremendous gains in attracting audiences. But subscription fees aren’t for everyone. BVOD fills the gap between linear TV and social media video content.

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With the rise of video on demand services, advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach a large audience with targeted advertising. We’ll explore the benefits of advertising on BVOD marketing and why it is a valuable marketing strategy.

BVOD is predicted to be one of the fastest growing mediums in 2023

Linear TV -0.7%
Newsbrands -4.2%
Out-of-Home +4.8%
BVOD +7.2%
Radio +0.1%
Magazines -5.9%
Cinema +21.1%

Source: AA/WARC Expenditure Report, Growth Forecasts

Targeted Advertising

One of the most significant advantages of advertising on BVOD marketing is the ability to target specific audiences. BVOD services have access to a wealth of user data, including demographics, viewing history, and search behaviour. This data allows advertisers to create more targeted campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time.

ITV, Channel 4 and Channel Five maintain extensive first-party data from their VOD viewers via registration information. Sky, on the other hand, maintains a direct customer relationship, resulting in a wealth of household-level data that can effectively enhance your advertising targeting efforts.

Additionally, all three main broadcasters can leverage third-party data suppliers like Experian for targeting purposes. If you keep your first-party data, these broadcasters can craft customised target audiences. For instance, you can target non-existing customers or identify those at risk of churning.

Channel 4 have the following options for targeting viewers using All4 data: Demographic – for reaching broad audiences. Interest – for reaching viewers on a level more comparable to other digital platforms such as Youtube. Contextual – reaching audiences interested in Entertainment, Drama, Comedy or Youth. Brandmatch – This allows advertisers to “Bring their own data” which allows advertisers to use their 1st party customer data to identify and match viewers within Channel 4’s userbase.

Greater Engagement

BVOD viewers tend to be more engaged than traditional TV viewers. Viewers actively seek out high-quality content and are likelier to watch ads relevant to their interests. This increased engagement can lead to a higher ROI for advertisers.

From a recent opinion leader: In short, it ignores an awful lot of influential factors — factors that are fundamental to what makes BVOD advertising so valuable: big screen, quality content, high attention, sound on, high view-through, brand safe, trusted.

Measurable Results

BVOD platforms offer advertisers the ability to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Advertisers can track metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions, allowing them to optimise their campaigns for better results.

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The UK BVOD marketplace

The current UK BVOD marketplace is made up of the mainstream broadcasters who have each launched their own BVOD offering. They are the license fee funded BBC with iPlayer. ITV has it’s newly launched ITVX, home to hits such as Love Island, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Channel 4’s BVOD platform is called All4, home to perennial favourites like Grand Designs, Bake Off, Married at First Sight and Taskmaster. Channel 5 has My5 who’s audience tracks slightly younger than the others.


BVOD advertising offers flexibility that is not available with traditional TV advertising. Advertisers can adjust their campaigns in real-time, responding to changes in viewer behaviour and adjusting their messaging accordingly.

Competition within the BVOD sector also means that broadcasters are looking for more advertisers to come on board. This competition strengthens the hand of any advertiser looking to sign up for media packages on BVOD platforms.


BVOD advertising can be more cost-effective than traditional television advertising. Advertisers can target a specific advertising base, ensuring they reach the right people at the right time. This targeted approach can reduce waste and ensure that advertising budgets are used more effectively.

A recent example of pricing put 100,000 impressions on ITV or Sky’s BVOD platforms at around £3200. As with all media examples, this should be seen as a ball-park figure.

BVOD advertising is a great way to test whether TV advertising is a good route for your brand. BVOD can be used to build up a presence on TV. A burst strategy is a good way to build incremental exposure while keeping marketing budgets under control.

Brand Safety

BVOD platforms offer advertisers greater control over where their ads appear. Advertisers can make sure to only show their ads on specific channels or programs within VOD services. This control ensures that their brand is not associated with offensive content.

Trusted by the Media Industry

Another essential benefit of advertising on BVOD platforms is the lack of ad fraud. Advertisers can feel confident that their ads are being delivered to actual viewers. Transparent budgeting also means that they are getting what they paid for. The lack of ad fraud on BVOD platforms is a significant advantage.

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In the section below, we’ve taken some of the most frequently asked questions about BVOD and the wider modern TV advertising market.

What is BVOD? – BVOD stands for Broadcaster Video on Demand, services like the BBC iPlayer or Channel 4’s My4 are examples of broadcasters instantly providing video when viewers want to stream a show.

Is BVOD growing? – According to Advertising Association/WARC figures BVOD investment grew by 17.2% in early 2022 alone.

Is BVOD better than linear TV? – A study by Gain Theory/GroupM showed that it’s better to combine BVOD and linear TV. Rather than picked between a combined approach is up to 10% more effective.