A Case Study of Tootle.co.uk

If you’re like startup Tootle, a new challenger and you want to drive traffic to your website where do you start? They aim to disrupt the £45 billion UK used car selling market. Tootle matches private car sellers to car dealers wanting to source specific cars directly from the public. By streamlining the sales process and removing middlemen, they aim to drive better prices and a smoother experience for both sellers and dealers.

toy woman standing next to toy car

More website traffic

Tootle wanted to raise awareness of their brand name and unique service and drive traffic to their website. They wanted an ad that was fun, smart and memorable.

“We wanted to take a fresh approach to the car selling market, avoiding tired clichés and creating a point of difference. The fun and simplicity of the ad reflects the hassle-free experience customers have when they use our platform, and will hopefully create strong recall for our service.”

Cara Whitehouse, CMO of Tootle.

Together we created this advert

Why TV advertising?

– The real value of TV advertising is in how it outperforms online marketing in all the key areas- awareness, trust, and crucially sales. The facts speak for themselves – TV advertising delivers an average return of £1.79 for every £1 spent. In contrast online is £0.91 for every pound spent. Over the course of your average week, 92.8% of the UK’s adult population is reached through commercial TV. TV accounts for 48% of the average UK adult’s daily media consumption.

Why use Toast?

– Tootle came to Toast because we’re the experts in helping new and emerging brands make cost-effective TV ads. We offer unbeatable packages of creative, production and distribution through our unique tie-ins with broadcasters, media planners, and . We create head-turning adverts that always deliver for your business. Gaining valuable brand awareness, consumer trust, and crucially increasing sales. innovative brands like Tootle choose Toast because they can rely on us to deliver great ads for sensible budgets.

The Creative

– Toast select the right creative expertise for your brand. Whether it’s live-action or animation we harness the best writers, directors and talent to create your advert. Experienced creatives who understand your sector and the needs of your target audience. We know that big ideas don’t mean big budgets and we work with you from page to screen. Here’s a taster of the creative process.

The Results

– The radio and TV ads have achieved real cut-through, driving a six fold increase in sellers using our platform vs pre-campaign, with bottom line sales doubling month on month. We’re also benefiting enormously from the ‘intangible credibility’ that a well-conceived and brilliantly executed ad brings, enabling us to open doors that are taking our business to the next level.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, give Toast a call on 020 7437 0506 to see what we can do for you.