Explainer Videos

Powerful and memorable, explainer videos pack graphic a punch. Explainers are a great way to show complex ideas to the world.

Explainer Videos are a fun and energetic way to show off concepts or services in a simple flowing animation style. With a slick combination of animated graphics, onscreen text, live action and voice-over if needed, an explainer can describe even the most difficult subjects in a manner that pulls in your target audience and encourages engagement with your content marketing and helps to increase conversions.

Some of our completed projects.

Ancestry DNA

Toast has produced many different types of explainer videos over the last few years. Ancestry the family tree website asked us to produce an explainer to help with sign-ups to their DNA service. DNA was seen by the public as too crime scene, too CSI. We worked with Ancestry to design a character “little Jack” who would be the star of their animated explainer video. Using a mix between hand-drawn elements and simple 2D animation we devised an explainer which shows how easy the Ancestry DNA service is to use. The explainers went out as TV adverts and on social media.

Wired Magazine

We worked with Wired Magazine to produce a series of explainer animations showing how Shell, the oil company is looking to the future of the world’s energy needs. We worked with Wired to develop animation scripts from the copy used in the print version of the magazine.


Why explainer videos work so well.

If a picture is worth 1000 words an explainer video is probably worth about 102,000. Using video as part of your marketing strategy or on your website is a great way to promote your core message. Specifically, adding video to your website can improve how many of your users convert into customers, it definitely will boost the time users spend on your site. Google uses these metrics when deciding which website to show at the top of it’s natural listings allowing you to leap frog the competition.

Showing a product using high quality video content on a website can give a user real insight into the product, features can be shown in detail and described with onscreen text. Because explainers are memorable they help cement your brand in the mind of the customer. If you have a service to promote which involves barriers to sign-up an explainer can often be used to break down the processes involved, easing users into signing up.

Some of our clients

Work with Toast on your next explainer video project.

When Toast undertakes an explainer video project we start out by researching the subject of the video. This allows us to fine tune any messaging before entering the scripting stage. We can produce an explainer video from a clients script or have a specialist writer develop a script for your project. Editing a script for an explainer takes skill, the information needed must all be there but the flow of the piece is also important. Scripts taken from a Powerpoint presentation often take the most work as Powerpoint presentations naturally sit for seconds at a time on a large expanse of text, something that doesn’t really work in an explainer.

The next stage in the video process is storyboarding, often we’ll produce a few key frames and some test animations to show the style of animation we envisage. We agree a look and animation style and proceed with the project. We build flexibility into our workflow by regularly showing work in progress. This allows for client feedback as the job progresses.

If there is a voice-over needed for the project we will record the VO track in a professional studio and build the animation to the VO. This enables us to accurately match the animation to the script. We can produce a number of different animation styles ranging from hand-drawn animation to full 3D animation. Often a flat 2D style is chosen as it’s a great way to convey information in an uncluttered manner. Character animation is a specific area of explainers that does require more planning, getting the characters to look just right is a process of viewing a number of character styles and refining the look until the right fit is found.

Once all the client feedback has been addressed and everyone is ecstatic with the new video we can produce final versions in a number of different formats for use in your video marketing output. If you’re ready to start working on your explainer project with Toast, please use the form below to get in touch. We can get you a ball-park quote pretty quickly.


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