Client Testimonials

We love our clients, they’re quite into us too.

Still from a BVOD advert

Stuart Gardner, Indeed Flex

Highly recommend Toast and the team - very professional, supportive and collaborative in approach. High quality ideas and output, couldn't be happier.


Sarah Razvi - Senior International Marketing Manager, Olivia Burton

We felt Toast really understood our creative vision and the inspiration behind the Celestial Collection and have put together a fantastic team to bring it to life in our first ever TV ad. We want people to really remember us and feel that special, magical connection to the brand.


Edward Sharpe – Senior Marketing Manager, Saïd Business School

They are creative, flexible. listen to the client needs and offer very good all round value.

Client Testimonial from UP&GO

Chris Laidlaw - CEO Life Health Foods (UP&GO)

Working with Toast has been a breath of fresh air. Coming from Diageo, we’ve worked with a lot of the big agencies. The experience we’ve had with Toast is as good if not better than many of them.

TV Advert testimonial

Dan Shrimpton - Communications Director, Innocent

There’s nothing quite like dealing with really nice people who know what they’re doing. Toast are a pleasure to work with and full of fresh ideas.