Advertising Versioning & Packshot Replacement

Transcreation & Advertising versioning, the cost effective way to update ads. Animated packshot replacement is a great way to avoid costly packshot shoots.

Advertising Versioning

If you already have a 30 second TV advert and need cutdown versions creating we can take your TV production masters and re-edit them to make new 10 second and 20 second versions.

We can also help with marketing transcreation, creating UK versions of TV adverts from foreign masters. Often this only requires an edit and re-titling but we can also handle usage rights for talent, music tracks and voice-over artists.

If you have any TV advertising versioning needs or would like advice on packshot replacement or text updates do get in touch, we are always happy to provide quotes for re-versioning work. We can provide detailed budget breakdowns before starting work and always stick to agreed budgets. Toast is a skilled transcreation agency, we understand the difference between translation vs transcreation. Huge marketing budgets in one territory can be wasted by sloppy translations ruining expert copywriting.

advertising versioning
packshot replacement

Captions, legals and DRTV offer updates

Using a textless version of your existing advert, we can produce updated captions or DRTV end-frames which either fit the current advert or comply with updated brand guidelines.

We are also sometimes tasked with creating new captions which have to obscure existing graphics where a textless master isn’t available. We can usually handle everything that is thrown at us and enjoy a challenge!


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Advertising Transcreation

When adapting foreign content, the script and voice-over are most important. We use translation services to produce new scripts from international masters. We can provide multiple language versions and use local language speakers and an expert transcreation advertising copywriters to produce new scripts and advise on any language peculiarities. We create scripts that retain the wit and flair of the original.

Reversion Breakdown

Packshot replacement

Using state of the art 3D motion tracking software, we can track your existing TV commercial and create a synthetic camera which allows us to build a new pack over the current product in your commercial.

We then take artwork files from your new product packaging and create a photorealistic version of your new box/product, fitting it seamlessly into the advert.

3D Pack replacement is a very cost-effective alternative to filming a new packshot. It also gives you the option to update the pack again at a later date in post-production.

Clearcast clearance and reclocking

All TV advertising in the UK has to be approved for air by Clearcast. Toast can negotiate all claims and substantiation required for an advert to pass.

We have a great relationship with Clearcast and have dealt with some tricky adverts before. We can advise on the work needed to clear a foreign advert for use in the UK.

Another service we offer is transcreation reclocking. A unique clock number identifies each TV advert broadcast in the UK. Broadcasters use these clock numbers to make sure they’re showing the correct version of an advert.

Reclocking adverts is a reasonably straightforward process. Sometimes if multiple versions of creative or offers have to be clocked, it can get more complicated.

Work with Toast

If you’re looking for advertising versioning, we’re a transcreation agency in the UK who can help, do get in touch. If you’d like to send over your exisitng advert we can give you a ball-park quote for any advertising versioning work needed.