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Toast expertly delivers animated adverts which delight audiences. Using animation to deliver your campaign can present a hard-hitting message using the softest medium.

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Why choose animated adverts?

Animated adverts give you the freedom to go wild creatively. Animation also allows ideas that are too expensive for a live-action shoot to go ahead.

Using animation and owning an animated style will make your TV adverts and social media output instantly recognisable as your brand. Another reason can be that animation fits your company, portraying you as friendly and fun.

Whether you already have a script or storyboard or you’re researching TV advertising costs, fill in the contact form below, and we’ll guide you through the process.


Ancestry DNA Advert

With original ideas from the creative team The 2 Rogers. This delightful flat animated advert for UK family tree service Ancestry was used to promote their DNA product service. It shows another use of animation to soften what could be a tricky subject.

DNA feels too CSI but when approached from the direction of the lovely little character little Jack it worked wonders. DNA flew off the shelves, and the DNA labs had a hard time keeping up with demand.


Stills from an animated advertising campaign

Using animation as the basis for an entire campaign can have great benefits. Once the animation style has been decided production can begin.

Producing social media teaser videos for a campaign can start immediately. Social media teams no longer need to wait for filming and editing to finish. Taking image assets from an animated video is quick. The need for separate video and photography shoots is eliminated, reducing overall production costs.

An animated brand ambassador

Developing an animated character to represent your company can work wonders. Everyone recognises the Meerkat animated adverts. There are obvious benefits in choosing an animated company spokesperson namely the absence of usage fees. Also, your animated brand ambassador is very unlikely to be photographed stumbling out of Chinawhite.

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A simple advert – 2D animation

A simple flat animation can have a timeless appeal. Simple animation styles don’t date as quickly as some of the more flashy 3D animation. A simple advert produced in this manner has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

People have become used to watching explainer videos online. The fun animated style of these videos instantly puts the viewer at ease. Animation can be used to explain the most difficult of concepts in an easy to understand way.

3D Animation

Using 3-D animation to produce animated adverts is a brilliant way to build impossible environments. Or futuristic worlds which would never be possible using live-action techniques.

Glossy 3-D animation can give your brand a high-quality look at a fraction of the budget of live-action. It’s best to be realistic. If you’re looking for a scene from the film Independence Day, your budget will need to reflect this.

Animation – soft power

Using animation to soften hard subjects is a great idea. This idea can work wonders in the financial services market, where products and services can seem quite confusing. Animation can be used to explain products and give them an approachable feel.


Alpharooms Animation TV Advert

We produced this animated advert for the holiday booking website Alpharooms. The advert is a fun take on the traditional “family by the pool” holiday ads. This advert not only demonstrates the beauty of simple illustrations but creates an instant brand identity.

Innocent Smoothies Stop Frame TV Advert

What adverts use stop frame animation?

One of the most famous brands to use stop motion animation is Innocent Smoothies. Toast produced this delightful stop frame animated advert for Innocent. Innocent used the style in many of their adverts after that. The animation style became an ingeral part of their brand.

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Toast are experts at getting the best results from animated creative. If you’re looking for an animated TV advert get in touch. Or if you need help to produce an existing script or storyboard Toast can walk you through the whole process.


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