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Toast is the best in the business at creative, cost-effective video production services for companies, small and large.

We are a full-service video production company based in London & Oxford. Toast handles the entire video production process, from the initial brief through concept development and scripting to filming and distribution.

Whether you need an animation, a product video, social video content or corporate video production, use the form below to contact us, we can get you a ballpark quote quickly.

Our Video Production Services

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Social Media Video Production

Whether it’s product films or brand videos we can create stunning video content that works perfectly on social media.

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Promotional Videos

With extensive knowledge of story-telling for the business world, we are experts in commercial video production for businesses and brands.

animated videos

Animated Explainer Videos

From 2D infographic animations to character animation or 3D animation, Toast can bring your story to life through animation.

healthcare video production services

Healthcare Video Production

We have years of experience in producing healthcare films, detail aids and product launch videos. We know the regulations involved.

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Commercial Video Production

Toast excels in an area where you have to build trust before being allowed the keys to some of the world’s most protected brands.

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Charity Advertising

Knowing how to deliver a compelling message in a creative and surprising manner is something we’ve worked hard to master.


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Whether it’s a captivating commercial, an engaging social media campaign, or a memorable event coverage, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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Some questions & answers about Toast

What is Video Production – Full service?

Toast is one of London’s top video production companies. We can handle various projects, including large corporate films, talking heads, company or product promotional videos and animated explainer videos. In addition, Toast has specialist knowledge in the healthcare and financial services sectors.

We offer a full service for each video production, from generating an initial idea through storyboarding to filming or animation. Then we complete all the editing and graphics work in-house. Finally, we implement a delivery plan to make sure the right people see your video.

Why choose Toast as my Video Production Company

Toast prides itself on efficient and top quality video production services. Much of our work is repeat business. We work hard to make sure our clients are happy and would recommend us to others. Whether you need one video or an entire series, we have the expertise to get it done right. We’re not satisfied until our clients are happy and recommend us to others.

What sets Toast apart from other video production agencies?

Toast is both a video production company and a TV commercials company. We often use TV commercials directors on our video production projects. Involving someone with a TV commercial sensibility can add an extra flair to a production.
Some jobs don’t require a top-flight director. We constantly tailor our response to our client’s needs. We don’t use waxed moustachioed, bobble hat wearing prima-donna directors; they’re generally hard work.

Who have you worked with previously?

Toast has produced marketing videos for Morgan Stanley, Cancer Research UK, Ancestry, Innocent Drinks, The Bank of England. We’ve also done some great projects for lesser-known companies like Algomi, a bond trading platform, CyberArk security and KEF, a HiFi company. So we’re always very willing to get on the phone and talk through a project.

How long does it take to make a video?

Like naming a price, deciding how long a project will take to deliver is always based on the content involved. Toast can turn a simple one day shoot and basic edit around in a couple of weeks.

A one minute animated explainer might take about three weeks. With animations, we need to factor in progress and feedback. If you have a project in mind, send over an email. We can give you a rough estimate of production timelines.

Can Toast write a script for me?

Yes, we have access to scriptwriters who specialise in writing for the screen. We always make sure our writers are correct for the project. For example, there’s no point asking a comedy writer to describe the sell-side bond market. Conversely, financial writers aren’t always the best at gags.

How much will the video cost?

Our rates vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We offer a range of packages to suit different budgets, and we’re happy to work with clients on a custom basis.

If you have a rough idea of your production needs, send them over in an email. We’ll be able to give you a ballpark budget.

Does Toast only work in the UK?

Toast produces videos for many clients worldwide, from an entrepreneur in Singapore with a medical burns reduction business. We’ve also completed work for the Economic Development Board of The Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition, we work with companies around the globe who need video production services. We’re based in London & Oxford, which are great bases to serve the UK’s biotech and financial services sectors.

How do you work with clients?

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life on the screen. We understand the importance of communication and collaboration in the video production process, and we make sure to keep our clients updated every step of the way.

We’re always very transparent with clients both in terms of pricing and timeline. At the beginning of a project, we produce a schedule listing all the major milestones involved in the project. Toast will also supply a detailed budget that breaks down how much each production area will cost.

We stick to these timelines and budgets. Clients will only be asked for more time or money if anything significant changes with the production requirements. We involve clients in any video shoots to make sure we’re capturing what’s needed. During any animation or editing, we show work in progress to our clients and make changes based on feedback.

What size of companies does Toast deal with?

We deal with all sizes of company, many of our clients are startups. This gives us great experience dealing with small but fast-growing companies. Our production team is always on hand to guide a project. Increasingly we’re asked to become a client’s outsourced content agency. We can oversee the production of creative ideas developed by our clients.

Is Toast expensive?

We’re not cheap, and there is a quality level we don’t work below. But because we’re an independent company with no parent company, we always go the extra mile for our clients. Getting repeat business saves us a fortune in sales and marketing, so we invest in high-quality output for our clients.

Who will I deal with at Toast?

Each project has a dedicated producer who you’ll deal with throughout the project. It’s the producer’s job to communicate clearly at every stage of the project so everything runs smoothly.


“Toast produced very high quality films and managed the production process in Bahrain extremely efficiently.  Their contribution to the creative process, the editing process and the development of cut down films was of the highest quality.”

Michael Baulk, Consultant – Bahrain Economic Development Board & Chairman, The Mill.

Video Production Services Showreel

Product Videos & Branded Content

Video is perfect for storytelling. Video can bring any product film to life. We produce stand-out films to showcase any product and bring it to market in a big way. First impressions count in any online content.
Whether a live-action or motion graphics treatment, we know how to make content to engage viewers and always use high-end video production techniques in every project.

Explainer Videos

Animation is a fun and cost-effective way to explain how something works in a simple and easy to digest format. Take any concept, product or service, and we have the experience to bring it to life in an engaging way.

Working with Toast

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