Toast is looking at ways to reduce the impact of our video productions on the climate. We’re looking at a selection of previous projects to gauge the carbon footprint of each. We plan to benchmark these projects and work on ways to become a more sustainable video production company.

Sustainable power and lighting

One way we can do this is by using more sustainable production methods. For example, we could use LED lights instead of traditional tungsten bulbs for some shoots. LED bulbs use around 90% less power than conventional tungsten studio lighting. This change to LED lighting would reduce our CO2 emissions.

Sustainable supply chain

Another way we can make an impact is by working with partners who share our values when it comes to sustainability. For example, we’re looking for equipment rental companies that share our focus on reducing their environmental impact.
We’re committed to ensuring that our video productions have a sustainable supply chain built-in. We’ve started on the process of benchmarking some of our previous projects, and we’ll continue to work hard to make a difference.
It’s not going to be easy, but we’re committed to making Toast a sustainable video production company.

sustainable video production

Benchmarking so we can improve

We’re undertaking a process of scoring the climate impact of our past production projects. We’ll identify where we need to change and set a course for reduced emissions.
We’ll start by picking apart old call sheets, budgets, and treatments to determine which services and production equipment we used.

Sustainability is important to us

Ensuring that everything we do has as little impact on the environment as possible is extremely important to Toast. That’s why sustainability is one of our core values.
We’re always looking for ways to improve, and this latest effort is just one more way of making sure that we live up to our values.

Small improvements add up

We can make a big difference by making small changes to our production workflow. We’ll be sharing our findings and recommendations with the rest of the industry, hoping to help others reduce their carbon impact.
We know that there are no quick fixes, but we’re willing to put in the hard work required to make a difference.

A staged approach to climate savings

We know this is a journey. We’ll tackle the large polluters first to make sure we’re driving change from the earliest moment.
We’ll focus on the primary sources of our emissions:

  • Lighting – reducing carbon emissions via LED’s
  • Power – using renewable energy
  • Transport of equipment – finding sustainable business partners

These are the areas where we can make the most significant difference. By tackling these areas first, we hope to see results fast.

Stay tuned to see our progress

We’ll continue to look for ways to reduce our impact and update this blog with our findings. Once we start to see the results of our changes, we’ll be sure to post our findings and let everyone know.
If you have any suggestions or ideas on reducing emissions in our sector, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.
Together, we can make a real impact. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this journey towards a more sustainable video production industry.
Thanks for reading!