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We understand the power of visual storytelling and its unparalleled ability to captivate audiences, convey brand messages, and drive business success.

Commercial Video

From engaging promotional videos to immersive brand narratives, we take pride in transforming concepts into visually stunning realities. Our collaborative and client-centric approach ensures that your vision remains at the forefront throughout the production process.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional value extends beyond the camera lens, as we strive to build long-lasting relationships that contribute to your ongoing success.


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Start with a strategy

Producing a glossy corporate and hoping people find it and watch it doesn’t work anymore. The internet has become flooded with video content. Adding yours to the pile without a plan will result in a waste of your budget.

At Toast, we work with you to find the best strategy that fits your existing marketing plan. At the start of each video project, we take a detailed brief to make sure we understand your business. Toast has a range of commercial video production services which we tailor to each client and budget.

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What type of Video Content?

Video advertising for businesses can come in numerous formats. Choosing the right style for your subject and brand is essential. Picking a video that resonates with your target audience will help get your message across.

Narrative Storytelling

Using a bold narrative format will make your video stand out and make sure it’s remembered. Making a drama out of a commercial video can help tell a story that the viewer can identify with.

Explainer Animation

If we think you should get your video animated, we’ll let you know. A creative idea expressed as an explainer video gives your video marketing a strongly branded look that can only belong to your company.

Product Videos

Promoting a product using a corporate video is a very cost-effective way to sell. Video can show your product in the best light, from every angle and most importantly in motion and working. Using video to show each product on your website increases the chance of making a sale.

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The Creative Process

The creative process is probably the most fun part of the project from a client perspective. Although having to choose from several imaginative treatments that show off your company in a new light can be difficult. This is the time to refine ideas, include missing elements and build a brilliant video that will excite.

Script development

After choosing a creative framework, a script can be developed. Keeping the video focused is one of Toast’s main jobs. Shoehorning too many elements into a video can make it seem cluttered and lacking focus. Getting a script just right can take a few rounds of amends, we’ll work with you to achieve a polished result.


If we’re filming live-action, we’ll organise all the filming logistics, and if we’re shooting at your company, we’ll do a recce first to make sure the environment works for filming. We have offices in London, and Oxford so we can reach many parts of the UK very quickly. If we’re filming abroad, we’ll often use a local fixer to make sure we have valuable local knowledge before our production team arrives.

Post Production

After we’ve filmed the video or finished the animation, it’s time to move into post-production. Post-production is where the editing starts. First, we produce a rough edit to show how timings will work. When this edit is approved, we begin to add any special effects or sound effects.

During the editing process, we’ll also start building our social media kit of parts. We always supply video for social platforms. Video shoots are an enormous undertaking, and it’s best to get as many assets as possible.

Video Delivery

Whether it’s a traditional commercial video production or a promotional video, one of our most vital production services is delivery. We develop the delivery strategy early in the process. Placing a video at Google position zero is possible but takes some planning. Researching keywords associated with the finished video allows us to gauge the kind of competition we’re up against.

Reporting on response

Clients often have their analytics software monitoring their website traffic. Analytics data allows us to make sure the videos are found online. We make sure the video is driving the right traffic via an embedded call to action. Keeping an eye on viewer trail-off can alert us to a piece being too long. Getting the content right for the viewer makes the difference between a commercial video that performs and one that just plays.

Commercial Video Production

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How to choose a Commercial Video Production Company

Picking a company to work with is often a personality fit. When you’ve found a commercial video production company and had a look at the quality of their work, it’s best to talk to them about your specific needs. Find out how they work, whether they have any special skills which would work well on your current project.

Quality is important

Setting a budget early in the process is helpful as it allows everyone involved to build a corporate production that gets the most from the budget. Trying to fit high quality, big-budget ideas into a low budget is a recipe for disappointment.

Working in the UK or abroad

Toast has filmed videos all over the world. From flying over the dunes of Senegal to the lush greens of Sunningdale golf course, we’re happy filming anywhere. Recently a client couldn’t find just the right video production company in Dubai so hired Toast to put together the perfect crew to film an investment video. We flew in talent and equipment from all over the Middle East.

Ready to start?

If you’re ready to start working on a commercial video or you’re just looking for commercial video production services in Oxford or London give us a call. Toast is a company that has produced great commercial videos for many clients. Please use the form below to get in touch. We can get you a ballpark quote pretty quickly.


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