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Promotional video is the most powerful marketing tool available. Use that power to promote your business. We are experts at videos that increase sales and engagement.

Use the power of video to promote your message

When compared to a printed page or a text webpage a video works harder. An expert promotional video production delivers engaging visuals, music and a narrative. A promotional video uses that narrative to build trust with the viewer. Whether you’re looking to product advertising or to promote a service, Toast can help. Included on this page are a few promo video production examples, we have extensive experience producing animated and live action promotional videos.

Video cuts through

The fight against increasing online chatter is a constant battle. Reaching potential clients or customers has become trickier. Traditional marketing routes are being closed down or watered down. GDPR has put an end to much of the outbound promotional efforts undertaken by companies. Social media has become a cluttered and confusing mess of content.

Video has the power to stand out in this crowded marketplace. A website featuring a well-crafted video will capture the attention of viewers and can drive them to take action.

Business Promo Video


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How we create a promotional video

We have years of experience in promotional video production; we break the process of video making into sections. We use business video experts to research of background each video. Everything starts with research…

Research – Business Video Experts

Our process of research and discovery looks into your business. We focus on the core message needed for each video and construct the narrative to deliver that content. We look at the marketplace you’re venturing into and understand your competition before starting any video project. As a video maker, we know without expert research the final product will miss the mark.

minerals product promotion video
product promotion video
promotional video production for mclaren


The next stage is developing an innovative structure that will house the video. The video should amaze so needs an inventive concept that will set it apart from other content. People are used to watching stunning content from services such as Netflix on their mobile phones. Your promo video has to compete at the same level of quality and creativity.

Video script development

With the creative structure decided, it’s time to develop a script. The tone of voice for this script is crucial. It has to resonate with your audience. We use scriptwriters from many different backgrounds and always use the correct writer for the project.

Promotional video production – budgeting

Making the most of each budget and putting the maximum quality on screen is the mark of a brilliant producer. We make sure each project flows smoothly, and that the lines of communication are always open. It’s the job of the promotional video production company to lead the client through the process and explain key decisions and milestones along the way.

Working with Toast

Toast are experts at under promising and over delivering. Over the years we’ve found the best way to gain repeat business is to wow our clients. Wringing the most profit from each video production is a sure fire way to end further business. We’re a promotional video maker that excels at delivering results.

Video delivery

The delivery process is an integral part of the video strategy. Early on we develop a distribution plan. Some clients want to handle this process internally, which we can comfortably accommodate. If we’ve made a video for business promotion, we want to make sure it’s doing its job. Making sure people are watching the video should be a priority for the video company.

Report on objectives

Analytics software allows reports to be generated on the viewers watching the promotions. Tracking viewer trail-off – where viewers stop watching a video can show any problems with the content or video length.

Product Promotion Video

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