TV Programme Sponsorship

TV sponsorship is a great way to use the power of TV to elevate your brand. Partnering with a hit TV show can help your brand gain authority.

How TV programme sponsorship works

TV programme sponsorship works by aligning your brand with a TV show. The TV show’s quality, excitement or novelty rubs off on your brand. Some sponsorship tie-ins work so closely together that the viewer starts to see the TV and the brand as inseparable.

The power of this partnership can be used to alter the perception of your brand. It can skew your product demographic in a certain way or dominate a product sector as 118-118 have done. TV programme sponsorship can be a great alternative to traditional TV advertising.

TV Sponsorship Opportunities

tv sponsorship example
Sponsorship opportunity, My Mum, Your Dad broadcasting on ITV 1, STV, ITV X From April 2023.
A brand new dating show, set to open the nation’s heart to a whole new world of grown-up love. The series will follow a group of single parents as they try to find love again.
tv sponsorship package bb
Sponsorship opportunity, Big Brother, broadcasting on ITV 2 & ITV X From Q4 2023.
Big Brother is back! The original reality TV format will be hitting screens on ITV2 and ITVX in Q4 2023.A great opportunity for some high profile TV sponsorship.
tv sponsorship dave
Sponsorship opportunity, Weekends on Dave, Available Now (12 months)
The opportunity to align your brand with some of the biggest, boldest personalities at the weekend on Dave The strand provides consistent presence and exposure across 12 months “Core Ownership” of the weekend.

TV Sponsorship

TV programme sponsorship can be as simple as sponsoring a single TV show. Or it can be as involved as sponsoring an entire block of programming. New ways to sponsor TV shows include product placement and social media tie-ins.

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Because of the Ofcom rules (see below) TV programme sponsorship costs less than traditional TV advertising. Sponsorship is an excellent way for brands new to TV to plant their flag in the TV advertising landscape.
Toast has many examples of successful TV sponsorship packages. If you have a brand or product you’d like to get on TV, please get in touch. We can help guide you through the process or make introductions to the broadcasters if needed.

Working with TV broadcasters

When we’re putting together a TV show sponsorship package, we start by talking to the broadcasters. We keep a regularly updated list of TV shows available for sponsorship and upcoming TV shows looking for sponsorship arrangements.

Broadcasters will be able to provide information on the opportunities available to a sponsoring brand. They are keen to build active sponsorship campaigns around their TV shows. Toast can make the introductions between brands and sponsorship directors at all the main TV broadcasters.

TV sponsorship rules

    See the full Ofcom TV programme sponsorship rules here. Below is a brief outline of the main rules.

  • News and current affairs programmes must not be sponsored.
  • Sponsored programming with the aim or direct or indirect effect of promoting electronic cigarettes and/or refill containers is prohibited.
  • A sponsor must not influence the content and/or scheduling of a channel or programming in such a way as to impair the responsibility and editorial independence of the broadcaster.
  • Sponsorship credits must be distinct from advertising.
  • Sponsorship credits broadcast around sponsored programmes must not contain advertising messages or calls to action.

Sponsorship bumper length

TV Sponsorship packages vary depending on which channel you’re adverting. Sponsorship idents on Sky and Channel 4 start with a 15 sec opening break. This is where you set out your stall and hook people in. Then inside the show each advert break has a 5 sec sponsor bumper either side. It’s these mini adverts that need to handled intelligently. Running the same 5 sec creative over and over can annoy the viewer. Building a stable of content is the best option, keep things fresh. The end bumper is 10 sec in duration.

For sponsorship bumpers on ITV the lengths are slightly different. The opening bumper is 15 sec but each of the centre breaks are 10 sec giving the creative a little space to breathe. ITV’s end bumper is 5 sec, enough time to wrap things up nicely.

tv programme sponsorship
tv sponsorship package
tv sponsorship

The benefits of TV programme sponsorship

Launching a new brand is an expensive business. Unless you have unlimited funds, a new brand will be on a limited budget until it proves it’s return potential.

TV sponsorship is a cost-effective way to launch a new brand. Building a sponsorship package that thrills and excites the viewer into finding out more is sometimes all it takes.

It pays to be bold with new brands. This freedom allows new products or services to shout about their arrival.

Promoting a product or brand awareness. Producing a range of TV commercials for separate products is an expensive proposition. Using a TV sponsor ident package to promote each product is a great way to show off a product line.

Sponsorship alters how the public sees your brand. By aligning your brand with the personality of an influential TV show changes public perception of your brand. It can’t work miracles. But if you’re willing to take a creative risk with your brand, the results can be powerful.

Getting a direct response, this is more difficult due to the Ofcom rules on calls to action. A TV sponsorship package combined with a social media campaign can be all the kick needed to get a direct response. Using the reach of a brand ambassador can also be the bridge between TV sponsorship and a response.

Second-screening, where TV viewers watch the main screen with a mobile device close at hand means TV programme sponsorship works well. An ident only needs to drive a viewer to search for the sponsoring brand. Then a social media campaign can take over and deliver a call to action.


Don’t be boring

Be careful of producing a limited number of sponsorship stings. Each sponsorship creative will be seen multiple times throughout a TV show. The idents will be viewed lots of times throughout a TV series.

Bumpers that don’t excite or unfold as an ongoing story can quickly become tedious. Your brand can become those annoying stings that get in the way of someone’s favourite TV show.

Work with Toast

If you’re looking for a TV sponsorship package do get in touch. We always have new opportunities to discuss with interested brads.


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