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We produce branded video content for online audiences tired of interruptive advertising. Our campaigns are planned to deliver results.

Branded video content is a great way to reinforce your brand message and engage with customers on an interactive level. Whether we’re creating a bespoke social video campaign or complimenting a TV campaign with digital video assets – we’ll create a video content strategy that builds a coherent brand experience for your audience, helping to extend reach and deepen brand engagement. Use the form below or email to get a tailored branded video quote today.


Storytelling with Video

Unlike traditional TV advertising branded video content isn’t designed to directly sell product or a service. The best types of branded content convey a message with original and fun programming that tells a story. A successful video will capture the viewers attention early, the content should be authentic and feel related to the brand, often branded content will be seen in a social content stream so giving the viewer genuine original content or teaching them something can be great ways to hold attention. Branded content campaigns have great longevity often being rediscovered and shared a long time after being launched.

Branded Content – the process

We start the process of planning a branded content campaign by sitting down with our client and researching all their media output. We use this insight to expertly craft a campaign that will sit well with the brand and add an extra dimension to existing content. Planning a campaign that is easily extended will our client to build on success and roll out added content over time. A cost effective way to accomplish this is to capture a footage asset library which can be used to deliver multiple videos as the campaign grows.

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Working with a Branded Content Agency

A typical branded video content campaign starts with a briefing to the agency involved. At Toast we spend that initial period learning about our clients and understanding the goals of a particular project. If you have a project you’d like to discuss use the form below, we can reply with a ball-park quote quickly.


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