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We produce branded video content with storytelling at the heart of each film. Toast is a branded content agency that delivers compelling work.

Branded video content is a great way to reinforce your brand message and engage with customers on an interactive level. Whether we’re creating a bespoke social video campaign or complimenting a TV campaign with digital video assets.

We’ll create a content marketing strategy that builds a consistent brand experience for your audience. This strategy will extend your reach and provides better brand engagement.

Reliability and trust are givens; our approach combines them with an ability to surprise. We are genuinely ambitious for our clients and always act to exceed their creative and commercial expectations.

Xiaomi Photography – Case Study

xiaomi branded content film

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Making your content relevant to your target market is vital in a branded content campaign. A viewer interacting with this branded video content should be either seeing something ground-breaking, funny or learning something new.

Storytelling with Video

Unlike traditional TV advertising, branded video content isn’t designed to sell a product or service directly. The best types of branded content convey a message with original and fun programming that tells a story. A successful branded content agency will create video to capture the viewer’s attention early. The content should be authentic and feel related to the brand.

Telling personal stories is a great way to connect with an audience. These personal stories can connect a brand to the viewer using content that touches hearts and minds. Content that leaves a lasting impression and is more likely to be shared.

MoneyBox – Brand Films

Branded video content agency
Often branded content will be seen in a social content stream. Giving the viewer original content or teaching them something can be a great way to hold attention. Branded content campaigns have exceptional longevity, often being rediscovered and shared a long time after being launched.

Working with a branded content agency

We start the process of planning a branded content campaign by sitting down with our client. We research their current media output. Then we use this insight to craft a campaign that will add an extra dimension to their existing content.

Branded Video Content Showreel

Planning Branded Content

The planning stage is all about creating content that will grab the viewers attention. Branded content differs from traditional advertising in its need to engage with the viewer. Planning a compelling campaign that will excite the viewer is imperative.

Planning a campaign that is easy to extend will help build on success and roll out added content over time.

Branded video content

In the video production stage, we execute the video strategy plan already developed. Video content can range in style from simple talking-heads through to a full scale filmed production. Another great format is the explainer video, which conveys a simple message in a fun manner.

To maximise budgets, we always suggest building a video library. Repurposing and delivering multiple videos as the campaign grows.


Getting your video seen is the task accomplished by a distribution strategy. There are several ways to target video content. Targeting a demographic, using a social platform and specifying which of their users to target. Or partnering with a premium media owner and using their platform to host content.

Retargeting is showing the video to users who have already interacted with your brand in some way. Finally, distribution by shares alone can be very cost-effective if the content is compelling enough.


Successful branded content

Companies like Red Bull have an internal branded content agency. Red Bull pride themselves on having an excellent native advertising strategy. Their broad range of content is always focused on their target audience and more importantly, is exciting to watch. The Lego movie franchise has been another very successful strategy. The entire movie is a vast product placement with a killer story.

There are many other case studies of brands creating video content. Each one has the same traits, focus and authenticity. That’s what makes for an award-winning video.

Working with Toast

Please contact us if you have a video content project you’d like to discuss. We can reply with a ball-park quote quickly. Toast is an extremely proactive branded content agency. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality of output.

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