Charity Advertising

Charity adverts are a powerful medium for generating funds and promoting your message. A charity advert secures donations that allows for life-changing results.

How to promote your charity using video

There are different ways to use video for charities. Here are some of the most popular:

Charity stories: A charity story is a great way to explain the charity’s purpose to the public. It can also give them an insight into the work that you do. This type of video can be particularly effective in driving donations.

Fundraising videos: These are a more targeted way of using video. They focus on a specific call to action, such as asking viewers to donate or sign up for an event.

Awareness videos: These videos increase awareness of the charity amongst the public. The charities can use them to highlight issues they are working to address or share stories about people the charity has helped.

Charity Adverts

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Why video works so well for charities

Video is a compelling medium because it can tell stories in a way that engages viewers on an emotional level. This is particularly important for charities, as potential donors need to connect to the cause.

Video is also a very shareable medium, which means members of the public amplify the charity’s message. Seeing a charity video promoted on a friend’s social feed is a strong trust indicator.

Cancer Research UK Advert

Atomic London asked Toast to produce this charity advert for CRUK (Cancer Research UK). The advert shows the life-saving research funded when someone leaves a legacy to CRUK in their will. This advert is very focused on one specific aspect of charity giving.

Why use Toast for your charity videos?

At Toast, we have a team of experienced and passionate video producers dedicated to creating high-quality videos for charities. We understand the importance of telling a story that resonates with viewers, and we’re committed to helping charities promote themselves and drive their fundraising activities.

If you’re interested in using video to promote your charity, please get in touch. We would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Charity Advertising on TV

TV advertising can be a cost-effective solution to reaching a wider audience when raising funds or promoting a cause. Having a media plan favouring the cheaper advert slots and using digital channels can ensure your advertising spend is used wisely. TV advertising has mass appeal, while other advertising mediums might seem appealing, TV is a tried and tested platform that builds trust and puts your message on the big screen.

The use of advertising on TV to promote charities is on the rise in the UK. This increase can be attributed to several factors, such as the growth of digital channels and changes in how people consume media. Watching TV and using a mobile device, called second screening, means DRTV adverts can drive instant responses from viewers.

Aids Alliance TV Advert

Aids Alliance decided to use shock tactics in this unique advert for its Valentine’s message. The theme delivered in the advert is a serious one but the way the advert handles the subject makes for an unforgettable commercial. This charity advert was successful because of the online advertising it gained from being talked about by celebrities online. This advert is an excellent example of how to buck the trend when it comes time to promote your charity event.

How to promote your charity using video

Charity advertising can be a powerful medium for generating funds and keeping your function in the public’s mind. A charity advert can secure donations that will allow a charity to deliver life-changing assistance.

Running a charity is a difficult blend between making sure the charity is successful and always keeping the charity’s goal in sight. The best outcome for most charities is that they are no longer needed. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, and charities need funds to keep helping.

Emotive Charity Advertising

Using TV advertising to spread the word about a charity has to be handled with skill. Viewers are growing tired of watching charity adverts filled with shocking images. Making people feel guilty about not helping is another technique that grates with viewers.

You need to make sure your TV advert stands out from the crowd. There are several techniques to achieve this. Deliver a clear message, be single-minded about what you’re saying, and don’t clutter your advert. Use humour or surprise to cement your message in the viewer’s mind. Please don’t follow the lead of others; it’s best to create your message.

Emotive charity advertising for End 7

Toast produced this TV advert for agency Wunderman. END7 is a charity set up to combat 7 of the world’s neglected diseases. Wunderman decided to use a hard-hitting advert to drive home the absolute horror of what END7 is dealing with every day. The advert was broadcast on TV media channels and social media platforms in the UK.

Charity Advertising Agency

Working with a TV agency that understands the charity world and what works well for charities is essential. Toast has gained valuable experience in seeing how charities work, primarily what works for charities in TV advertising. We can make sure your charity spending on advertising goes a long way. Get in touch if you need help advertising.

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