Product advertising for Target Darts

If you’re looking to sell online like Target Darts, the first job you need to nail is getting the public interested in your products. Fortunately for Target, they have a stable of great brand ambassadors. Target Darts sponsor some of the world’s best darts players so can depend on word of mouth for product advertising.

Step up with an ads campaign

Word of mouth only goes so far. Target wanted to build their brand and sell products to the non-darts playing public. They chose TV advertising for its vast reach and aspirational appeal. Darts is an incredibly visual sport, from the polished metal barrels of the darts to the colours of the dartboard, it all makes for a stunning TV advert.

When planning to advertise a product online, the creative stage is hugely important. Creating an advert that stands out and shows off your product’s features, innovatively and excitingly is a challenge. Get it wrong, and there’s the danger that your advert will have the cheesy look of an infomercial. 

Phil the Power Tayor

Target Darts opted to use Phil the Power Taylor as the star in their TV advert. Phil’s darts career is legendary. He not only resonates with the dart playing community but is instantly recognisable by the non-darts playing public. Phil is an expert at advertising products, from wearing sponsored clothing to using branded darts his brand has been used to promote products successfully for years.

phil taylor throwing a dart

product advertising for target darts

target darts tv advert

TV advertising wins over other mediums

When you’re looking to advertise your product, which route is best? A Press release? This market has become extremely busy with online press release farms taking any press releases and basically “adding them to the pile.” Email marketing? This route has suffered since GDPR, with fingers hovering over the Spam button.

Getting to the top of Google’s search results has become a costly proposition. Social media has become the latest darling of marketers looking to target a tight demographic. Facebook ads are great but very easy to scroll past.

TV advertising still stands out from the marketing mix; TV adverts fit your brand into compelling TV content; they are shown one at a time. And TV is still the most trusted marketing medium.

Things to remember when you’re product advertising

If you’re a small business looking to cut through, TV advertising is a great way to punch above your weight. To get the most from your product advertising make sure you’re ready. There are a few things to consider before going on TV.

Make sure you’re well-stocked, TV adverts can drive a tremendous amount of traffic and orders. The same goes for any call centre or website backend; having the bandwidth to cope with a sudden influx of calls and orders is essential.

Another point to note, make sure you’re TV advert is shown somewhere on your landing page, viewers of TV commercials want the reassurance that they’ve come to the right site. Seeing a still of the TV advert will provide that reassurance.

Target has used TV advertising to grow their sales If you’re looking for product advertising advice we can walk you through an entire TV advertising process and answer any questions you might have.

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