Loaf Sofa Advert

The challenge that Loaf gave Toast was to bring to life their charming, nostalgic brand values of “slow living”. The tone of voice, the look and feel of the campaign needed to work seamlessly with their existing, very distinctive press and OOH campaign.

It also needed to evolve the Loaf brand into a delightful and engaging live-action version of itself. The sofa advert features a comfy Loaf sofa and some serious lounging.

Not one of the ordinary Sofa adverts on TV

Loaf had already carved out a very original way of communicating with its audience in its press and poster campaigns. With Loaf, it’s all about shared experiences, relaxing pastimes, slow habits and simplicity.

With the voice-over delivered by Loaf founder Charlie Marshall, the resulting TV advertising campaign and BVOD campaign has a uniquely British and slightly quirky feel that feels genuine and very “Loaf”.

Filming under COVID rules

Toast filmed the Loaf advert after the COVID lockdown with a mother and daughter starring on the sofa. The filming setup made sure social distancing was possible. All crew members wore masks and hand washing the order of the day.

Loaf’s first ever TV advert

Advert Post-Production

Will Clark-Smith directed the sofa advert with Toast handling all the post-production duties including, editing, effects and colour grade. The resulting advert certainly stands apart from all the other furniture adverts on TV.