A cleaning product advert from Smol

Would you take cleaning product advice from an impossibly cute Pomeranian puppy? In the new Smol TV advert for Smol’s range of ethical cleaning products, we are introduced to straight-talking Truth Pomb. He wants you to know the truth about cleaning products and why you need to make the small switch to Smol’s cleaning products.

Smol TV advert

This Smol advert isn’t an advert for a magical new cleaning tool that you probably don’t even need. Smol has developed a range of home cleaning products in a condensed form. This process uses less energy in producing packaging. It also means less wasted energy in moving the products.

Smol’s range of cleaning products includes dishwasher tablets, fabric softener, laundry pods and cleaning sprays. Each product comes in reduced form, with the customer adding water to turn the magic tablets in Smol’s cleaning magic.

Smol hired Toast to handle the entire advertising process on this project. That included the casting process to ensure we had the cutest puppy available. We watch as he shows us all the different Smol cleaning products and how there is less plastic, less hassle, less cost without compromising cleaning power.

Once we had our starring puppy, we hired locations and put together the crew needed for filming the advert. With the advert footage “in the can,” we moved on to the editing process. Editing was all about getting just the right reactions from our little dog.

smol product packaging

Cleaning Product Advert

Smol product range

Hopefully, everyone will agree, we’ve managed to craft a compelling cleaning product advert for a brand doing the right thing. We can all be a bit more truthful in our lives, and Truth Pomb is here to help you.

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