Indeed Flex TV Advert

The first Indeed Flex TV advert was launched last year, and Indeed appointed Toast to create its next phase of TV activity for 2022. Indeed utilised all the learnings from their previous campaign whilst also expressing Indeed Flex’s new brand positioning, tone-of-voice and visual identity.

indeed flex advertising

indeed flex advert

indeed flex tv advert

Indeed Flex TV Advert Creative

The Indeed Flex advert focuses on central characters explaining to the camera how easy it is for them to find work. They have the flexibility to find work where, when and with who they want. With a single tap on the Indeed Flex app, our characters shift from one location to the next, instantly transporting them into their selected workplace.

Fun, purposeful and entirely in control, this campaign will grab people instantly, just like the app. This TV advert uses the key asset of the brand – the smartphone app – and brings it to the centre of the action. It illustrates the immediacy and speed with which you can find work that works for you.

Filming the advert

Toast filmed the campaign across three shoot days and at various locations that showcase the app in use at home, outside, and in multiple work locations. The fluid moves in the advert are possible due to using ARRI’s Trinity 2 system.

Trinity is an amazing addition to the traditional Steadicam rig. The Indeed Flex TV advert called for fluid moves between scenes. These fluid moves were complicated due to the spinning camera used in each shot. The Trinity 2 head allows the camera to rotate freely during filming. The whole system is stabilised in five-axis allowing for the silky smooth moves Steadicam is known for.

The Media

The media mix for this campaign included TV, BVOD Campaign, radio, social and podcasts. The radio edit was created from the different voices from the main commercial, and specific character cutdowns from the TV advert were used across social media. The campaign was created for the UK market and re-versioned for the US.