Hammonds TV Advert

Hammonds, the fitted furniture company, launches a brand new TV advert, “Manifesto” this April. Award-winning retail creative agency Brown Dog had been working with Hammonds to come up with a campaign idea that really delivers a connection to the Hammonds brand and its purpose. Brown Dog conceived the tagline, “Hammonds. In order, to live better”. From that starting point, Brown Dog created a campaign that is a manifesto for Hammonds both internally and to their potential customers.

Hammonds TV Advert

hammonds fitting furniture

hammonds advert

An Advert for Hammonds

At the heart of this campaign is how bringing order and calm to everyday lives can genuinely have a positive effect on your wellbeing and the way you face the day ahead. Brown Dog chose Toast to bring this concept to life across TV, online & press.

Filming the TV Advert

Director Will Clark Smith, assisted by lighting cameraman Colin Thomson ably captured the problem/solution structure of the script and evolved it into a stylish, emotive and highly engaging TV advert and BVOD campaign for Hammonds. Shot at a real home across two days, the furniture was custom made for the house, enabling Toast to depict authentic living in all its chaos (before furniture) and its potential for calm (post furniture). Toast went as far as including an eponymous brown dog.

Behind the scenes video

Photographer Jack Terry worked alongside the film crew to deliver similarly styled and lit stills assets.

In the words of Kirsty Oates, Hammonds Head of Marketing: “The experience of making this commercial has been the best. I’m so thrilled that we are going to get a commercial at last that really does the brand justice.”