Olivia Burton Watch Advert

You know that feeling that you have when you put something on, be it clothing or a watch or a piece of jewellery and it makes you feel that little bit more special? That’s the feeling we wanted to capture with this first ad, “Celestial Effect” for Olivia Burton, part of the Movado Group.
The creative features a woman who’s preparing to go out for the evening.  As she puts on her Olivia Burton watch from the Celestial collection, her physical state alters and becomes out of this world. It’s like she’s added a real-life filter to her appearance. In an instant, her entire body is shining, luminous, twinkling and glowing.

Olivia Burton Advert

olivia burton watch advert

watch advert

On the way to an evening out, she sees someone else “affected” and nods to her in recognition. The finale shows a birthday party where our heroine gifts a watch from the Celestial Collection to her friend only to see her experience the same luminous, joyous effect.

Gifting with a difference

This TV advert says Christmas and gifting but not in an obvious way. It celebrates the Olivia Burton brand and the people who wear it in a unique and playful manner. Working alongside the TVC, Olivia Burton are working on a “Celestial” filter to be used on social media.

Sarah Razvi - Senior International Marketing Manager, Olivia Burton

We felt Toast really understood our creative vision and the inspiration behind the Celestial Collection and have put together a fantastic team to bring it to life in our first ever TV ad. We want people to really remember us and feel that special, magical connection to the brand.

Production Credits

The ad was written by Fiona Cole, directed by Dominic O’Riordan, produced by Aaron Aziz, cast by Eliza Burrows McGill, lit by Joe Douglas and edited by John Gradwell. Jonathan Box at Unit Post brought to life the “Celestial Effect”.