TV Advert for Abel & Cole

We were very excited to be approached by organic produce-delivery company Abel & Cole for their first-ever launch into TV advertising. Their aim was twofold: to showcase their fantastic range of products and to highlight their ethical and environmental values.

Organic food delivery

Abel & Cole have been delivering great-tasting, healthy organic food for 30 years. They specialise in sourcing seasonal food from farmers they trust throughout the UK. Abel & Cole delivers this amazing organic food directly to customers in reusable cardboard boxes cutting down on packaging waste.

First time TV advertisers

Toast has a great track record of introducing brands to TV advertising. We produced Innocent Smoothie’s first-ever TV advert. The Innocent advert caught the public’s imagination and their growth ever since has been amazing. We’re skilled at guiding clients through every step of the TV advertising process. Toast can handle the entire production from script to screen even organising the logistics of getting TV adverts cleared for broadcast and out to channels.

Social Media Toolkit

Toast produced two thirty-second commercials for YouTube and two ten-second cutdowns for television and online. Further to these, we edited a toolkit of social elements to be used on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Filming the Advert

The shoot for the advert was completed in two days. The first day began at the crack of dawn on a fishing boat in Porth Cawl in Wales. That evening we filmed the sunset over a Herefordshire farm. The weather, albeit cold, was mercifully dry and the shoot was great fun. Finally, we travelled to a house in Streatham to film the indoor sequences. Everyone involved was a pleasure to work with. We particularly admired the professionalism of Finley the Springer and Dante the cat.

Boost sales with an advert

If you’re a brand looking to boost sales or expand into new markets and you’d like to know about how to advertise on TV give Toast a call. We can walk you through the entire process and we’re always happy to answer any questions about TV advertising.