TV Advertising Costs

A one-stop shop of TV advertising creative, production and media.

We strive to deliver great ROI for our clients. Here at Toast, we manage the creative, production and delivery process across TV, radio, digital and OOH and organise bespoke media plans and campaigns.

We always recommend bringing creative and media together from briefing stage to ensure effective planning and implementation of an advertising campaign. This ensures that all assets across different platforms are budgeted for, optimised for each platform, and creatively consistent with the overarching campaign idea.

On this page you’ll find top-line packages which breakdown TV advertising into production and media costs to give you an initial indication of what’s achievable at different budget levels. TV remains the most effective form of advertising there is and is now more accessible than ever. Get in touch to discuss!

  • Intro to TV

  • £30K Production
    £90K Media Spend

  • Start-Up

  • £50K Production
    £250K Media Spend

  • Challenger Brands

  • £100K Production
    £400K Media Spend

  • Established Brands

  • £150K Production
    £600K Media Spend


These are just indications of prices, we always put together bespoke packages including social media and radio if needed.

Intro to TV Advertising

We have extensive experience of working with new-to-TV brands, working with many of our clients on successful TV and digital tests ahead of their long-term campaign plans.
For a £30k starting budget for TV production, we would suggest a 2D motion graphics treatment like the recent commercial we produced for Alpharooms, or a simplistic character animation like Ancestry.

Project 3 still frameAlpharooms TV Advert
DNA results on a laptop screen
Ancestry DNA TV Advert

TV Packages for Start-ups

Our start-up packages are perfect for brands who have already successfully tested on TV and digital and are ready to make a more substantial media investment for their next campaign. For a £50k production, we can start to explore the world of live action. Toast were lucky enough to work on Innocent’s first ever TV advertising, which shows the brilliant results that can be achieved with a simple live action shoot in a park… with a chicken.

Innocent TV AdvertInnocent TV Advert
Joey Essex says Wallop
Varooma TV Ad

TV Packages for Challenger brands

Our challenger brands package are suited for a brand looking to transition into a household name. A £100K production budget opens the doors to a more elaborate shoot, like the stop motion advert we produced for Tootle.

Aids Alliance TV advert
Aids Alliance Charity
Toy cars jumping across a tableTootle TV Commercial

Packages for Established brands

Our packages start at around £750K for established brands looking at brand building rather than brand awareness and direct response. A £150K production budget will allow for a high-end live action shoot with very high production values or integrated 3D graphics like Cancer Research.

Woman in lab coat stands next to lab equipmentCancer Research TV Advert
Project 3 still frameCity Index TV Campaign


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