End 7 Online Charity Video Toast was asked to edit this online video for the charity End 7. They hope to eradicate 7 of the world's worst diseases. The video is a compelling but tough watch.


End7 - Charity Video

Neglected diseases

End7 is a charity setup to combat 7 of the world’s neglected diseases. They raise funds to help build treatment programs to help some of the world’s poorest communities deal with these sometimes disfiguring conditions. Many of the diseases covered by End7 are not widely known so putting them in front of the general public is part of End7’s remit. End7 uses funds raised to help protect people from the tropical diseases, they estimate that it costs about 50 pence to protect a person against disease for one year.

A hard-hitting charity video

End7 decided to use the power of TV to deliver their shocking charity video in the hope of persuading a large audience to contribute to their campaign. Wunderman London came to Toast to help create this hard-hitting charity video for END7. The video titled ‘How to Shock a Celebrity’ shows the emotional reactions of celebrities including Emily Blunt, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Felton, to extremely shocking footage showing the results of these diseases.

Can you watch it through to the end?
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