Behind the Masterpiece

Xiaomi 13 Pro, Co-engineered with Leica

Xiaomi Studios is a filmmaking initiative created by Xiaomi, providing creatives an opportunity to explore their creativity with the Xiaomi phone. Working with Billion Dollar Boy we produced a branded content documentary shot on the Xiaomi 13 Pro bringing to life the story behind the work of photographer Nina Davidson. The film explores her life as a photographer and captures her process in action as she photographs her four children, using the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

Photographer – Nina Davidson

For Nina, photography is intrinsically linked to her life story through her photographer mother and her grandfather before that. It’s always been Nina’s way of understanding herself and the world around her, and now as a mother of four daughters, it continues to allow her to see afresh.

Through the everyday moments in the lives of her daughters, Nina is able to explore her own childhood to reveal a new series of deeply personal, intimate and life-affirming photographs that help Nina heal and offer a window onto a lost world.

Xiaomi Studios
xiaomi masterpiece
Xiaomi Studios Launch Film

Nina grew up in the city of Bordeaux, her mother was a photographer who documented Nina’s early enthusiasm for dance, which saw her leave home at just 14 to pursue professional dance that eventually led to dancing for the world-famous choreographers Maurice Béjart across Europe. Though she treasured this experience, it left Nina feeling that her childhood was cut short by the vigorous demands of the world of dance, which require its students to sacrifice so much.

Camera’s hung around Nina’s neck from an early age as she inherited them from her mother and her grandfather and found that photography helped her understand the world and her place in it. So it was perhaps fitting that it was photography that happily led her away from a life in dance, onwards to new adventures.

The whole film was shot on the Xiaomi 13 Pro creating a blend of intimacy and beauty in the Scottish landscape.