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When an architect has the freedom to specify only the best architectural ironmongery for a project, the choices get interesting. Most meer mortals pop down to B&Q to pick out a couple of chrome-plated door handles. These handles will do the job of opening a door but will they inspire joy in the owner? Will they fit into the hand as if they’d been made especially for their owner?

That’s where Joseph Giles come in. If you’re lucky enough to become a customer of Joseph Giles, you’re in for a treat. The theme for your new orangery may be acorns. JG can design and forge bespoke door handles, fingerplates and catches, which all fit within your acorn based style. You’ll have the smug joy of knowing they’re yours alone.

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If you do ever find yourself as a customer of Joseph Giles, enjoy the process, you’re amongst talented folk. If you’d like Toast to produce a bespoke film for your business, do get in touch.

Inside the business

Joseph Giles came to Toast wanting a video that explores the history of the business. We looked into their design processes, their ethos and their manufacturing methods. The resulting film shows how all the employees of JG are constantly striving for perfection.

Joseph Giles takes existing products and looks for better ways to manufacture them. They strive to improve either their function or longevity. The makers of B&Q’s chrome handle no.3 are in a different world. They have to hit price points and efficiencies of scale. Not so with JG. If you need a meer ten bronze knurled door catches for your new superyacht, you’re dealing with the experts.

Filming products

The joy of filming projects like this Joseph Giles video is bringing to life the beautifully sculpted architectural elements on the screen. We filmed at the Joseph Giles design studio to capture some of the craftsmanship of designing one-off handles. We also filmed interview sections, talking to key leaders at JG. It’s clear to see the passion that goes into their products and how they’re always striving to be better.

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