Birdsong is a wonderful London-based online fashion store with a genuine promise of “no sweatshops and no photoshop!” A brand who believe in keeping it real and keeping it fair.

Birdsong clothing has a simple mission, to revolutionise the way women dress. Making sure their clothes are made with care and skill and at the same time giving help to local women’s organisations.

“From migrant seamstresses, knitting grannies to all our customers, we unite women.”

Many women workers are exploited for the sake of fashion. Birdsong reject that philosophy. They just want a fun way to do fashion that doesn’t make women feel ashamed about their size and shape.


Birdsong finds the best makers from local women’s organisations and brings them to you with an ethical feminist driven passion.

As examples Birdsong have worked with two elderly knitting groups in Enfield and Kingston, Mohila, a group of migrant women selling clothes in Tower Hamlets, and Sweet Cavanagh, a team of ex-addicts who make jewellery in west London.

“The crux of Birdsong is, that they’re selling lovely things, made in partnership with lovely women’s organisations and charities and you feel lovely as a result.”

Now that’s a song worth singing.. And that’s why Birdsong clothing are Toast’s challenger brand of the month.