Wonderbly TV Advert 2019

Wonderbly asked Toast to produce their Christmas TV advert. The ad captures the magical moment when a young child recognises their name in a Wonderbly book. Will Clark-Smith devised the concept for the Wonderbly Christmas Ad. Will also handled the directing duties on the advert.

Magical Moments

The Wonderbly advert features several families reading through Wonderbly books. We captured the children’s reactions using an Alexa camera running at high speed. The resulting slow-motion footage made sure every detail of the children’s response was available for the edit.

Advertising over the festive period

The Christmas TV advertising market has become legendary over the last few years. Ever since John Lewis started unleashing epic TV adverts on the public. The John Lewis advert has become something to anticipate in the run-up to Christmas.

Traditional bricks and mortar retailers now all run massive advertising campaigns. These campaigns attract footfall into their stores over the festive period. Online retailers soon followed suit and are running ads at this time of year to promote their offerings.

UK Christmas TV Adverts

The TV market in the UK is unique in its handling of advertising on and around Christmas day.
The UK media market for Christmas Adverts sees a substantial rise in the cost before Christmas. The prices for adverts fall away very sharply once Father Christmas has been.

Retailers, especially ones that focus on life-improving products (healthy eating, supplements, financial products), should avoid Christmas. Buying media time in January is a far better option rather than in the peak of the festive season.

wonderbly tv advert

wonderbly christmas tv advert

wonderbly christmas advert

Where to pitch the Christmas Advert?

After a few years of the John Lewis Christmas Advert, everyone thought they had the genre nailed. Cast a cute young boy, write a heartwarming script. Run the advert, and the Christmas sales would come rolling in.

Unfortunately just repeating the same thing year after year soon gets tiring. Marketing departments started to mix things up a little. One advertiser even harked back to the Second World War.

Some adverts never seem to change. Coca Cola trots out their truck each year. Marks and Spencer can be relied upon to show off their mouth-watering products.

Christmas TV

Everyone getting together and sitting around the TV is a significant driver for the advertising industry. Some advertisers get most of their sales from the period. A good TV advert can make or break their sales targets.

Linear TV still holds enormous sway at Christmas as the popular shows all produce Christmas specials. These shows pull in loyal audiences with something extra. Christmas specials are an excellent opportunity to advertise to viewers who feel comfortable and trusting.

One thing to remember when planning a Christmas TV advert is the sheer volume of TV watched over Christmas. It’s best to plan a campaign around a hero advert but back it up with lots of cutdowns. These cutdown versions provide something fresh during the hours of sitting on the sofa, avoiding talking to relatives.

Producing a Christmas TV advert

If you’re looking to advertise around Christmas, it’s a good idea to start planning early. It seems strange to be in a studio full of decorations in September but being ready is the best policy. Time can be spent crafting not only the TV advert but the social content also.

A social teaser campaign that’s ready to go before the advert airs can amplify the reach of the main advert. Usually, this social content is derived from either the shoot or the main advert so spending time on it is crucial.

If you require some Christmas advertising advice, do get in touch. We can put a plan of action together for you.

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