Trice Insurance Advert

Trice Insurance app

Trice insurance is an online insurance app that delivers lightning-fast insurance quotes. The insurance advert shows that using the app it’s possible to enter details needed to get a quote much faster than traditional online insurance sign-up forms.

Trice insurance covers four areas of insurance, travel, car, gadget and now pet insurance. Trice also allows temporary insurance cover to be organised, this great feature lets a person drive a car for a few days without having to get a whole years insurance cover.

Any script that encourages us to push our own boundaries – as well as doing a tightrope walk along the hairline crack between humour and controversy – is welcome here at Toast. We specialise in getting new brands noticed on TV, the best way to that is with a compelling TV Commercial.

In partnership with Creative agency GingerMonkeys Creative, we enlisted the talents of director Gregg Masuak who brought to life this highly unusual direct response advert in his own inimitable way. Trice Insurance is set to launch on Monday 19th March and I’m sure it’ll set tongues (and tails) wagging.

Agency: Gingermonkeys Creative
Director: Gregg Masuak
Producer: Chloe Roberts
DoP: Oliver Curtis
Editor: John Gradwell
Colourist: Dan Moran @ Coffee & TV
Sound: Matt Brace @ Lucky Cat Post