KEF – Social Media Video Production

KEF asked Toast to produce a range of social media videos showing some of their audio product range. We came up with a beautiful video featuring each product separately. There is also a brand video that shows a band getting ready for a live performance. Each video shows a different KEF product with supporting graphic elements. These videos show some of the unique features of each product.
social media video production

Social Media Video Production

KEF Audio is a company with a great reputation for pushing the limits of audio quality and design. Because of their online following, it was decided to use social media video. Namely fans of the brand and high-end audio aficionados to share the videos. This is one of the many video strategies used by KEF to organically build their brand and following.

Storytelling with social media

This campaign brings together multiple story strands showing people interacting with KEF products. Whilst it was necessary to include product features in each video production. KEF wanted the focus of each film to be how their product fits into everyday life. Because of these videos KEF have a strong social media platform on which to build customer discussion and loyalty.

KEF Audio

KEF felt that staying away from video templates was definitely the right direction for their brand. Each video needs to stand on its own and work separately. Having a cookie-cutter approach to the films didn’t feel like the correct marketing strategy.

KEF’s products are broad-ranging, from consumer wireless headphones to reference speakers used in recording studios. The video content films provided the perfect platform to showcase their technology. The use of on-screen graphics provides another layer of information. It takes the social media video production from being merely product wallpaper to a powerful marketing tool. The use of KEF’s website as a video platform helps with audience interaction and conversion rates.