JamJar Advert

Toast was commissioned to produce a TV advert for JamJar.com a comparison website helping those selling their car to find the best offer. In this crowded market, they needed a fresh approach: a step away from the extravagant tone of ‘compare the markets’ commercials. Our focus was on a clean, simple script that effectively communicated the function and workings of the website.

The Advert

The commercial was filmed in three locations over one day. We purposefully featured three very different types of car: a shabby transit van, a smart BMW and a small Mini underscoring Jam Jar’s wide range of clientele. We prepared a 30 second TV advert, a ten-second cutdown and several social media edits.

Car Comparison Site

JamJar is the original car price comparison service. They work to find the best price for your car, searching amongst the top comparison sites. Once you’ve looked up prices on JamJar there’s no need to look anywhere else.

tv advertising jamjar
jamjar advert
car comparison advert

TV Advertising

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