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Home Credit – Finance Animated Video

Toast was requested to produce a range of animated marketing videos for micro-finance company HomeCredit.

Home Credit

A finance provider, with operations in 11 countries (predominately in Asia), Home Credit provides small loans to those who ordinarily would be rejected by mainstream banks. From those with zero credit history to those who simply don’t have a bank account, Home Credit lends responsibly to those who need it most, helping improve the lives of many around the world. Home Credit takes pride in their local marketing teams, often setting up stalls in local shopping malls where their local operatives can meet potential new customers.

Finance Animated Video

So far much of Home Credits marketing has been using stills and infographics online, these finance animated videos were one of Home Credits first ventures into the world of marketing videos. With the majority of Home Credit’s business taking place in Asia, it was important that from the offset we approached the scripts with these specific markets in mind. As well as this, we wanted to hone in on the human element of personal finance; really focusing on the kinds of reasons someone would approach Home Credit for a loan. Using animated characters to tell their own stories we could show new customers how someone just like them had been able to afford financing for a new scooter or laptop.

finance animated video home credit
Home Credit animation
investment return animation

Animated Videos

Home Credit provided us with case studies of individuals who have benefited from one of their loans and so with all this in mind, we produced three separate scripts from which we produced the social video. Each based in a different country and each depicting a different circumstance where a Home Credit loan helped. Before undertaking any animation we produced a number of character development storyboards. These boards showed how the characters would look in different illustration styles. Once the characters look and feel was approved we produced short animation tests to show how the final animated marketing videos would look. The end result being three 2D character animations, all with the same core Home Credit explanation, but each with varied characters and circumstances.

2D animated character
Animated results board
animated route of scooter journey

Character Animation

With four separate voiceovers bringing the different characters to life, the videos were completed with ease and the client was extremely pleased with the end product. By using animated characters as the main voice in the video the subject matter is easily conveyed. The finance animated videos were designed to be shown on social media platforms throughout Asia.
The animations aim to bring a bit of charm to a notoriously grey subject matter, whilst remaining informative and interesting to watch.

Working with Toast

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