Graze came to Toast with the task of taking the existing Graze advert and reversioning it for TV in Ireland. The challenge was that it had to be ready from start to finish in just over a month. Graze wanted to update the branding throughout, such as: updating the logo, onscreen text, and adding a new offer code. The existing Graze TV advert also required an updated voice over, one who was of course Irish.

Graze – a better and more exciting way to snack! Graze create hundreds of delicious snacks which populate supermarket and shop shelves. Graze also offer a subscription service, whereby once you’ve subscribed, Graze taste experts carefully select ingredients and design a delicious box based on your favourite flavours. This convenient way of snacking is perfect if you are on the go and don’t want the guilty after-thought of junk food, or if you are curled up on the sofa watching your favourite film and want a healthier (yet still as tasty) alternative to popcorn.

Graze Advert Reversioning

Advert Versioning

The first step was to reshoot the Graze snack boxes with one of Toast’s talented stills photographer, Lloyd Sturdy. Reshooting stills of the snack boxes gave Graze the flexibility to advertise on TV with their huge range of snacks and combinations. After the shoot, Toast switched out the old boxes in the DRTV advert with these fresh new stills. Once Toast had replaced these boxes, they then swapped out the old Graze logo with the new one and updated the onscreen text.

Reversion Breakdown

To make the Graze snacks even more inviting and tempting, one of Toast’s colourists applied a grade. Grading transformed the Graze TV advert; it made the colours vibrant and created an energetic and fun feel.

Toast thoroughly enjoyed working with the Graze team, and even got to indulge in some tasty Graze snacks along the way!

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