eHarmony Advert

Once every four years, during the leap year on Feb 29th women are, according to tradition, allowed to propose to their other halves. eHarmony wanted to use this tradition as the focus for 3 x 30” tactical TV adverts which were aired for 1 day only on 29th February on national TV and online. With a limited budget, very little time and a whole lot of enthusiasm we set about getting this project turned around & delivered.

We tracked down a couple named Caroline and Neal who met on eHarmony. Caroline agreed to convince Neal to travel all the way to London under the pretence of filming a testimonial for an eHarmony Advert. However what he didn’t know was that Caroline was going to propose to him, whilst we filmed the whole thing!

A different type of shoot

The nature of this shoot was unlike anything Toast has done before. Capturing such a significant moment for a real couple meant we were not only responsible for making the event special for them but also had the added pressure of only having ‘one shot’ at it. After all, Caroline can only propose once! This combined with the creative challenge of ensuring our audience was drawn in enough to return to see whether or not Neal said yes, equated to an exhilarating and extremely enjoyable day of filming.

We delivered 2 x 30” TVCs and a 3 minutes of online video content which was featured on a dedicated website page.

The results

The eHarmony Advert generated an increase in leads of 1000% over the course of the evening and by pushing the story through mobile and social media, the amplification of the story was extremely effective and resulted in an amazing cut-through for a very cost effective spend – especially when compared to a competitor who was on air on the same night with a comparable offering – First Choice and their “Just say Yes” campaign.

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