Credit Karma Advert

It was a delight to work with Credit Karma and produce two adverts for their campaign ‘Small Step, Big Win.’ We created two impactful adverts for the UK and also localised versions for Canada (French Canadian and English Canadian).

URL & App Versions

The campaign boosts customer awareness and encourages people to check and improve their credit score. To drive and monitor customer traffic, we created two versions of each Credit Karma DRTV advert – one that directed people to the URL and the other to download the app.

Live-Action Studio Shoot

We aimed to create optimistic and insightful adverts that were fun and entertaining to watch. Therefore, the concept was based on a stylistic approach and designed to break down the fourth wall between viewer and content.

Director, Will Clark Smith, worked closely with the actors mapping out and choreographing their movements to keep the action flowing between the different room setups.

We filmed both Ads in 6k, which gave them us more flexibility in post-production.


To further enhance the colours of each room setup, the colour grade heightened and stylised the look and made each Credit Karma advert pop!

Advert Deliverables

We delivered a suite of 18 completed adverts to be used on TV and across social media. We thoroughly enjoyed the process from start to finish and hope they are as joyful and entertaining to watch as they were to produce them!

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