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The Children’s Trust, a specialist school for children with brain injuries, asked Toast to produce a promotional school video with a difference.

The school’s ethos is to care for each child through laughter and play. By combining fun activities, therapy, music, crafts and day trips, the school focuses on what the children can do rather than what they cannot. The school promotional video uses the different fun activities as waymarkers in our journey around the school.

The Children’s Trust School

In initial discussions with the Children’s Trust, it was clear that they wanted a promotional video that would stand out from the crowd. The trust had produced promotional films before but this time wanted a blend of video interviews and lively illustrated elements that would convey the fun nature of the school.

The school video leads the viewer on a virtual tour of the setting with key stages of the education offering sign-posted by either on-screen captions or animated creatures. Sarah Klan designed and animated all the animals which were composed over the footage in-house by Toast.

How to make a school’s video

If you’re wondering how to make a promotional video for your school, do get in touch with Toast. The process starts with a chat about what makes your school stand out. From there, we develop ideas and a style of filming that best captures school life in all its glory.

We venture inside the classrooms to see the teaching in progress. Using a combination of drones and lightweight handheld cameras, we capture both the schools’ surroundings and any sports facilities. Getting footage on a sports day shows the schools facilities in full swing.

Interviewing key leaders or teachers is vital when we set out to create a school video. Whether a private school promotional video or a primary school video, hearing from the head is essential for parents when choosing a school. The head can set the tone for the whole piece and provide great punctuation points throughout any school journey.

school video

Children Trust Video

school promotional video

A little more about the process

Getting staff cooperation is critical when setting out to film schools at their best. Good communication about which areas of a school are being filmed is essential. Ensuring all parents are happy for their children being in the film is a legal must.

High-quality video content and a creative presentation of a school are vital. Schools are often competing for pupils, so having a compelling offering on a school website is a good way of standing out. Video production is a time-consuming process. Having access to different areas of the school setting during the day must be carefully planned to make the most of the filming and school activity.

Promotional videos for schools

No two schools are the same and will all have different requirements. A private school may need to show boarding facilities or its strong house culture. A primary school promotional video
may focus more on seeing the children interact in a fun way with playground activities or practical learning elements.

How to use the video

A website is a perfect place for a video promoting the school. Many schools have a student and parent section on the website. Seeing a message from the head and children interacting in the school setting can help in all areas of video marketing for the school.

If you’d like to talk through your school video project please do get in touch.

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