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Busuu is a language learning app that is used globally with almost 100 million users from over 190 countries worldwide. Busuu approached Toast with the task of producing a 30 second TV commercial that would drive brand awareness and immediate response, and could easily be localised and played out to different countries around the world.

Set Design and Wardrobe

We created an advert that showcases the world of opportunities Busuu offers people both personally and professionally. The narrative focuses on Busuu’s trademark expression ‘New Language, New Life’, and follows five characters as they journey from one place to another, with the changes in locations represented by a drastic change in colour. The set designers, Einstein Octopus, designed six sets each in different colours. To exaggerate each colourful set, everything inside, such as the props and the artist’s wardrobe, was also dressed to match. This stylised look creates vibrant energy and makes it hard for the viewer to miss!


To help depict the change in settings, we used a doorway as a transitional device; as the actor opens the door we see a split-screen of the character’s past location and future, and as they travel through their outfit transforms to match the upcoming set.

busuu language app

busuu language localisations

busuu tv advert

Advert Localisation

To ensure the TV advert could be easily localised, we replaced the exchanges between the characters with the word “Busuu”. This meant the actors had to work hard to convey their messaging effectively through a single word, and the clever use of repetition makes the brand name more memorable to the viewer. We also recorded separate voice-overs and replaced the graphics (such as the mobile phone screen inserts) for each country.

We had a lovely time working with the Busuu team to produce this unique advert, and hope to see it on screens around the world soon!

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