Bahrain Economic Development Board

Commissioned by the Bahrain Economic Development Board (BEDB), this promotional video production showcases Bahrain as a thriving country with the happy knack of combining centuries of heritage and trading tradition with a vibrant, welcoming modernity. In short, a great place to site your business as well as a great place to live and raise a family.

Inward Investment Video

The BEDB will use the promotional video to appeal to startup businesses and individuals as well as attracting international companies who are looking to base their businesses in the Gulf region. The video promotes Bahrain as an easy location to situate a corporate HQ with easy links via the causeway to Saudi Arabia and within easy driving distance of the United Arab Emirates. The video will be shown at many investor relations events around the world and will be seen by businesses looking to establish a presence in the Gulf.

Golf game in Bahrain
Promotional Video Production for Bahrain
Bahrain company

Promotional Video Production

The video features people from all walks of Bahrain life. Local business owners, expat business owners and employees, teachers, and professionals from different industries who all live and work in Bahrain. Their stories of choosing Bahrain come to life as they discuss home life, education and the lifestyle available to them. Entertainment and recreation are also an important part of Bahrain culture, the warm climate makes an enjoyable game of golf and access to beaches a year round possibility.

Filming in Bahrain

Toast organised the entire shoot and logistics of filming in Bahrain from London.  Equipment and crew were sourced either directly in Bahrain or from the Emirates. An advanced production crew was dispatched to Bahrain before the filming started to finalise locations and interviews needed for the production. The video production featured multiple locations and cameras with filming taking place in the offices of contributors to the promotional video. Production and filming of the entire video took about 2 months with editing and post production taking place at Toast’s London offices.

C-suite contributors

Many of the interviews featured in the promotional video were conducted with either CEOs or Managing Director level contributors, organising a place and time to shoot these interviews had to fit into their busy schedules.


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