One of the most powerful Charity Adverts

International HIV/AIDS Alliance, communications agency Bluefrog and Toast ‘came together’ to produce a TV Advert that celebrates the joys of safe sex. A celebration of sex and all its unique and wonderful expressions can be seen. The spot features a mix of sexualities, races, genders and ages in the throes of passion.

Raising awareness

Despite the risqué and refreshing approach, the underlying message is to unite in an effort to end the AIDS healthcare crisis is ever-present. As charity adverts go this one stands out, the cause is serious but the way it’s tackled has a sense of fun. The charity ad had a call to action, to persuade viewers to visit the We Come Together website and find out more about safe sex.

Charity advertising

Using TV advertising to promote charitable causes is an emotive subject. Many people think that charities shouldn’t spend their funds on expensive TV slots. This advert was conceived with a strict purpose. It was only ever to be played on TV once and a social media campaign was built around the advert to promote it as an event. Once the advert aired it was fortunate to be tweeted about by Stephen Fry. The resulting free social media impact was worth many paid-for TV advert spots.

Shock tactics

There is sometimes an arms race amongst charity adverts with the need to shock becoming a strong theme. Fatigue in the viewing public, when faced with endless images of suffering, can’t be discounted. This advert uses shock but hopefully in a playful and intriguing way.

Clearcast, the TV advertising regulators saw early scripts and made sure the advert complied with their advertising standards. The advert was allowed to be aired once on Channel 4 at 11 pm. A number of edits were required before the finished commercial was approved for airing on TV.

Casting sessions

In preparing for the advert Toast organised a casting session to find our stars to feature in the ad. This, however, was no ordinary casting session, Toast towers shook to the sounds of people practising their most enthusiastic orgasm sound effects.

The ‘Come Together’ spot aired for one day only – the 7th of February on Channel 4. Visit

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