WooWoo is a quirky new brand of feminine care products, breaking age-old taboos they’re all about sexual health and sexual honesty. With Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson as their Brand Ambassador, their vibe is all about personal self-confidence.

WooWoo Birds And Bees advert

The creative team have come up with unashamedly colourful and attractive packaging, something you can be proud and honest to have on the bathroom shelf or in the handbag.

Previously this type of product would be sold under subtle medicalised style packaging and hidden in the chemist’s aisles.  Having identified that gap in the market entrepreneur Lucy Anderson with an all-female team developed and launched WooWoo in 2018.

WooWoo falls within the FMCG sector with a target audience of every woman.  Instead of hiding their creation this one can be loud (if you like it like that) and proud.  You can now find WooWoo pamper cosmetics online or in your local Superdrug.

WooWoo Beat Around The Bush

However, the culture of WooWoo is not just about selling the products, it’s about a change in the way we perceive women’s sexuality. Their website and advertising are full of fun memes, quotes and tips from sexual health experts.  Their message: no-one should be ashamed of sexual health.

Their environmental credentials are also top-notch with sugar cane packaging and no animal testing.


We think they’ll go far and that’s why we’ve picked them as our challenger brand this month.