Xiaomi Photography Masterclass

The Brief

Toast was briefed to produce a suite of masterclass content led by the emotive and authentic photographer Hannah Reyes Morales, inspiring and teaching our audience the core principles of photography, featuring the Xiaomi 12T Series.

Xiaomi Photography

Hannah says, “Taking note of what strikes you or what catches your attention is a good starting point for understanding the kinds of stories that you want to tell.”

Hannah focuses on the relationships between people and how those relationships bring a deeper connection to the photographs she takes. “Once I understood that I had something to offer, that the world would open up to me in a very specific way, and that I would get access to things that maybe other people weren’t able to access. I think that’s when I really started feeling that I was a photographer and not just pretending.”

In this masterclasses series, Hannah looks at how perspective, attention and editing all play an important part in storytelling through photography.

xiaomi masterclass

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xiaomi photography

The Creative

The video series brings to life the fundamentals of photography from Hannah’s point of view to inspire our audience to explore the different ways they can use their Xiaomi 12T to become better photographers.

Hannah’s approach to her work is a sincere and personal perspective, so we emulated this with our cinematography approach to the series, using a narrow depth of field to achieve a more exclusive and personal connection with Hannah.

The Media

Digital Branded Content (3-part long-form series, plus series teaser).