Moneybox Pension Videos produced by Toast

Planning our dream retirement can often seem like a world away. Most of us are too busy scraping together a few pounds for our next smashed avocado sandwich. Moneybox wants everyone to know how simple the world of savings, investments and pensions can be.

Toast produced this series of Moneybox videos focusing on investing, pensions and savings. The branded content videos introduce several Moneybox customers who talk about how the award-winning Moneybox app helps them. Moneybox provides a wide range of financial services, including help with investing, savings, mortgages and pensions. Their investment products cover socially responsible investing, stocks and shares, and Lifetime ISAs.

Moneybox Customer, Amit

Amit, a professional photographer, uses Moneybox to run his stocks and shares ISA. He finds Moneybox helpful in making sure his money is working its hardest. Amit likes the simplicity provided by the Moneybox app. He knows investing is a long-term process, and having Moneybox help ensures he stays on target.

Nita’s Retirement dreams

Another contributor to the Moneybox video series is Nita. She talks about how the Moneybox pension helps consolidate her disparate workplace pensions into one easy-to-manage pension pot. Nita uses the app to ensure her pensions are invested in ethical funds. She picks ESG funds that invest her money for good rather than using tracker funds.

Hobbies in retirement

Kaidi wants to pursue her hobbies in retirement. She works in tech and changes jobs quite frequently, which means she has multiple workplace pensions. Her challenge is not only to manage her collection of pensions but to see how they’re performing.

The Moneybox app allowed Kaidi to transfer all her pensions into one account. The Moneybox app and the team of helpers at Moneybox made sure that the pensions transferred seamlessly.

Contributor to Moneybox video

Moneybox Branding

Each video in the series begins with a simple headline introducing the contributor alongside the Moneybox logo. Moneybox wanted a clean look for the videos to ensure the individual stories were the hero. Each video ends with the animated Moneybox logo.

Brand films from Toast

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