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Toast is known for beautiful TV advert production for companies of all sizes. We expertly handle the entire TV ad production from script to screen.

Running an advert on TV allows companies to build trusted brands and boost sales by putting their product in front of vast numbers of customers. Toast is a complete TV advert production partner, one that has access to media buyers, planners, creatives and production teams.

We can handle your entire TV advert from brief to airdate. If you’re looking for a TV advert production company to help with your next project, please use the form below to get in touch.

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Toast champions first time advertisers

Toast helped Innocent Smoothies get on TV with their first-ever TV advert. We have been trusted by many startups to guide them through their advert production.

The TV commercial production process isn’t complicated, but with so much money at stake, it pays to use trusted partners. We take care of our clients, making sure they know the consequences of each decision made. Nothing is left to chance, and we give guidance on each element of the production.


“We invited Toast to pitch for our new product-focused TV campaign. They were the stand out choice from our first meeting and impressed me with how quickly they not only understood but engaged with the brand.”

Sue Moncur, Ancestry, UK Country Manager.

Why Toast?

We offer a perfect marriage of creative and production agency. We have in-house resources which allow us to make the most of your budget. Toast is a one-stop-shop for TV advertising; we can handle everything, including creative, filming, editing, regulatory clearance and delivery to stations.

Take a look at some of our work – We have an excellent track record of helping companies like Innocent get on TV.

Whether you already have a budget for your TV advert or you’re researching TV advertising costs, fill in the contact form below, and we’ll guide you through the process.


TV Advert Production for Innocent

The TV commercial production process

Our producers come from TV advertising agencies and TV advertising production backgrounds in London and have vast experience of the entire process of bringing TV adverts to screen.

Regardless of the size of your TV commercial production, we assign a dedicated producer from the start of the project. This producer works directly with you and your team and will guide you through every step.

The ideas stage

We always present multiple creative routes which give clients a broad spread of ideas. These ideas will range from outline advert concepts to sample TV commercial scripts. Clients get the fun job of picking a route, and we then refine the ideas further to build a campaign.

At this stage, we’ll start the process of clearing your TV commercial script. Every UK TV advert has to abide by a set of rules before going on air. It’s best to get these approvals early as it prevents bottlenecks later in the advert production process.

Budgeting an TV advert production

Budgeting a commercial production can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time advertising on TV. We are always very transparent in our budgets. Each element of a production appears on the budget as a line item. And once we have agreed on a budget, we stick to it.

As an advert production company with a long track record of work, we know how much quality costs. We also know how to make savings if needed. There is a level of quality we like to stay above, putting a low-quality advert on TV will tarnish a brand. If you need a ball-park budget for a TV advert, please use the form below.

Media Buying

Buying media goes hand in hand with advert production. An advert needs to be seen by the correct audience. TV Advert slots are purchased between TV shows that target your demographic as strictly as possible.

Efficient media buying is possible when done at scale. Toast collaborates with an extensive media buying network but retains the personal touch of a smaller agency.

TV advert production

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TV advert production process

Pre Production

During pre-production, we will work out the logistics of any filming that needs to take place. If the route picked is an animation we’ll generally start storyboarding the animation at this stage.

Before any filming takes place, we’ll have a final pre-production meeting to sign-off all aspects of the shoot so that everyone is clear on what will happen during filming of the advert.

Filming or Animation

The choice between a live-action or an animated TV advert is often made at the concept stage. This choice can be driven by budget as animated adverts can be a cost-effective way of getting into TV advertising.

The TV commercial shoot

Filming will either be on location or in a studio depending on what is the best solution. The shoot day is when the TV commercial director’s vision comes to life on screen. At Toast, we pride ourselves on running extremely organised shoots. A well-run shoot is a happy shoot.

Editing and Effects

The footage from the advert shoot gets edited into a rough version of the TV commercial which locks down shot selection but not timings. The edit, graphics, effects, sound and voice-over are all refined until the finished TV commercial is polished and ready.

Communication with the client is the most crucial aspect of any TV advert production. We make sure our clients are happy with each stage of an adverts production before moving on.

Post Production Service

An essential part of producing TV ads is the associated social media elements that go along with a finished TV commercial. We always like to decide on social media assets early in the process as it often affects filming.

Clearance and Delivery to stations

As a full-service TV advert production company, we send the TV advert to the regulator Clearcast for final approval. We then deliver the finished advert to the TV networks for playout as a national TV advertising campaign.

Different types of TV advertising

TV advertising comes in a few different flavours. If you’re looking to drive potential customers to a website, then DRTV – direct response TV advertising is for you. DRTV adverts use a call-to-action during the advert that asks viewers to either call a phone number or visit a website.

Brand advertising is different, and its purpose is to build awareness of your brand or product line.
Brand adverts can change the public’s perception of a brand or product. A well-executed brand ad campaign can set just the right tone and build trust over time.

Product adverts, are very similar to DRTV adverts but usually focus on promoting a service, product or app. They can be as simple as an explainer, showing how easy a product is to use. App developers have found TV advertising an essential part of their marketing toolkit. Using TV adverts to build an apps’ user base is a fast way to gain market share.

Cancer UK Television Advert

Work with Toast

If you’re looking for one of the top TV commercial production companies with great creative ideas, award-winning writers and directors get in touch. If you already have a TV commercial and you’re looking to get it on air, we have experienced media buyers who can organise a media plan to get your TV advert seen on TV. Use the form below to tell us about your project.


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Questions about TV adverts

How long do TV adverts last?
TV adverts generally have a duration of 30 seconds but it’s also possible to run 10-second cutdowns.

What makes a good tv advert?
A good TV advert is one that’s memorable. A DRTV advert is good if the viewer follows the call to action.

Who makes TV adverts?
TV adverts are made by advertising agencies and production companies, or sometimes a combined production agency.