How to advertise on TV

Strategy – What do you want to achieve?

The first thing we do is sit down with you and really work out what you want to achieve from your advert. If you’re a new brand you might want raise awareness that you exist and say what sets you apart. You may have a special offer you want to promote or you may want attract new customers or get them to switch to your brand from a rival. We make sure we create the right strategy to really deliver for your business needs. And that means getting the creative idea right.


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Joey Essex says Wallop
Innocent smoothie carton in park
Advertise your business on TV like KEF audio

Media Buying – Right time, right place, right regions.

We work out the best placements for your ad to ensure you get the best ROI. We understand the investment you’ll make to advertise your business on TV, we make sure your money is well spent. We help you select the optimum destination for your ad. Placing the ad across specific channels that match your target audience’s viewing habits. We ensure the geographical regions where your ad is broadcast matches your sales areas. We also ensure it’s seen at the times of day that will be most effective for your audience. And we just don’t leave it there. As your ad runs over a period of time we continually measure its effectiveness and reach and then adjust when it airs accordingly to make certain it’s working as hard as possible to get your offer across. It’s all about the right ad in the right places at the right time to properly advertise on TV.

Creative – The right idea

Our creative team will spend time getting under the skin of your brand and then we’ll present you with some killer scripted ideas that will make your advert memorable, entertaining, and get your offer across with energy and panache. Your advert is all about the personality of your brand and we make sure you get a highly effective, impactful creative idea that promotes your offer to your target audience in a way they will really respond to. Our creative team will also work with you to finesse any ideas you already have and make sure they hit home. Our aim is to deliver ideas that serve the brand and boost your bottom line. Our solid experience in creating memorable TV ads means we will also ensure the idea will be cleared for being aired by broadcasters in advance of shooting.

Production – Lights, Camera, Action!

Once you are happy with the script we now put the talent together to bring it to life. Toast have a unique team of on-call, talented directors, editors, musicians, casting directors and crew to help bring the magic to the screen. We bring in the best expertise in the business with knowledge of your sector to ensure your advert looks professional, stylish and has high production values that will happily sit next to adverts made by bigger global brands. We offer both live action or animation, and we pride ourselves on putting the money on screen. A cheap-looking amateurish advert is waste of your time and money. After shooting is over we will get your feedback on an initial edit and make any changes you feel are needed. We will then make sure the ad is in the right formats and length for broadcasters.

Amplification – Social Video Marketing

We’re not pretending online is not an effective marketing tool. In fact, the perfect marketing plan is to combine both TV and social video marketing. To that end we supply you with online video assets to promote your TV ad and to arm you with extra online video edits that are social media channel ready. This means you can amplify your offer with online trailers, PR, further information and position it all around the air dates of your TV ad.

“TV advertising works, it works better than anything else, and it works for all budgets.  Nothing else has TV’s reach, scale and connection with audiences; no other form of advertising is as trusted.”

Lindsey Clay Chief Executive of Thinkbox.

TV ads are inexpensive and now the reach, impact and boost to your bottom line is unbeatable. When you advertise your business on TV the ads strengthen your brand awareness and audience trust. They are measurable, agile and unlike an online ads they are not competing on the same screen with other distractions. Hopefully now you’ll have a better idea of how to advertise on TV, if you have any questions do get in touch.


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