Promoting Challenger Brands

The power of advertising can turn around a brand in a short timeframe, but there are some big players that have done this more obviously than others. Innocent are one brand who, with help from a 30 second clip, became a challenger brand and grew their business across the last 6 years to unimaginable heights, highlighting the power that TV advertising holds when done right.

The Benefits of TV Advertising

Which Forms of Advertising Do Consumers Act Upon most?

The answer is TV Ads – of consumers are directly influenced by television spots by brands.

But wait.. TV? TV is old fashioned, and thing of the past? Right?

Not so.

TV is still the most effective advertising medium. Every unbiased study into advertising effectiveness agrees on this. Brands on TV generate more profit, create more sales and consistently outperform their online equivalent.

TV advertising delivers an average return of £1.79 for every £1 spent. online is 0.91 for every pound spent. (Ebiquity marketing analytics, 2015)

The truth is that there is far too much smoke and mirrors and overpromising when it comes to online advertising. 5 million impressions may sound like great news for your online ad, but how many of those viewers actually engaged with your brand’s offer?

In actuality the click rate of people choosing to watch online ads is pitiful.

The average click-through rate of display ads across all formats and placements is 0.06% (Display Benchmarks Tool)

When did you last click to watch an ad banner while you were browsing? And with the rise of ad­blocking software the truth is less and less people are seeing any ads at all when they go online.

There are now 198 million active ad-block users around the world. (PageFair 2015)

UK ad-blocking grew by 48% to reach 45 million active users in 12 months up to June 2015. And it keeps growing. (PageFair 2015)

Online advertising done well can be worthwhile but it just can’t deliver the quality dwell time and reach that TV can. It also doesn’t generate the same consumer conversations ­ if you want people to be discussing your brand then TV exposure is the smarter choice.

TV advertising drives 51% of all marketing-generated conversations. (Thinkbox)

That said, brands shouldn’t give up advertising online; the most effective strategy is a mix ­digital executions and a complementary TV campaign.

Challenger Brands

Content is king, as they say. And TV is still the greatest kingdom, especially for up and coming challenger brands ­ for one key reason – credibility. The fact is that giving your brand a TV presence is proven to give you credibility amongst viewers. When a challenger brand TV spot is seen amongst other established brands, customers feel reassured that you are a solid, reliable and trustworthy company.

TV ads lead all paid media with 63% of global respondents reporting complete or somewhat trust, followed by newspaper (60%) and magazine (58%) ads. (Neilson 2015)

At Toast we pride ourselves in creating, producing and placing the right content for your brand to deliver its message on TV. We make stand­out ads that deliver a solid return on your investment – innocent (who we talked about at the start) was actually one of our own productions.

The biggest surprise most brands find when they talk to us about TV advertising is just what great value it can be. So, if your brand wants greater reach, greater recognition and a boost in consumer trust then get in touch. Let’s talk TV.


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