Allplants TV Advert

Allplants asked Toast to produce an advert that shows off their stunning plant-powered dishes and their sustainable food delivery service. Will Clark-Smith devised the concept for the Allplants TV advert. Will also went on to choreograph the adverts flow and directed the shoot.

Allplants cooks up some delicious food advertising

The Allplants advert shows many of the beautiful dishes which they deliver to your home in sustainable packaging. Dishes available from Allplants include Rigatoni Carbonara, Smoky Soul Chilli, Bhaji Daal, Shepherd’s Pie and Teriyaki Udon. Allplants flash freezes the food to lock in the freshness and package up the meals in boxes of six.

Food Advertising

Advertising food photography is a highly specialised business; getting the food to look delicious is only half the battle. Filming extreme close-ups of steaming food calls for some special equipment, on this project we used a boroscope lens from a company called Optex Excellence. The long lens keeps the furiously expensive camera well away from the sizzling and spitting food.

Another issue to deal with was the need for action shots of cooking. We used a glass-fronted oven to allow filming as the food cooked. This technique provided some of the more stunning baking shots in the advert.

Food Advert

boroscope film camera lens

food advertising

Food Styling

Getting the food styling right is key to the advert looking good, and the food looks tasty. A brilliant food stylist called Rob Morris made sure the dishes in the advert looked at their best. Having a professional food stylist on the shoot is a must; food has the incredible ability to look unappetising if not presented correctly.

No Food Advertising tricks

We’ve all heard the methods used when filming food for adverts; using mashed potato instead of ice cream and PVA glue instead of pizza cheese.

We used no food advertising tricks on the Allplants advert. Allplants pride themselves on wholesome and delicious food and wanted to show the real food on screen. The only shot that involved any food rigging was to split apart two pieces of dragon fruit as the camera moved between them.

“Toast was extremely easy to work with and guided us through the process at pace without breaking a sweat. We achieved the creative standards we were looking for, and they brought professionalism and experience to help us hit our goals.

Shooting food to the level of detail we did can be difficult, but Felicity and the team brought in experts, and we were able to maximise the usage of our final assets across our website, paid socials, OOH and TV activity.”

- Alex Petrides, Founder Allplants


Allplants are one of the newest food brands on the market. They specialise in plant-powered food delivery directly to your door. Allplants was founded in 2017 by brothers Alex and Jonathan Petrides. A recent round of funding has seen Allplants raise £7.5 million in Series A funding.

Allplants will use this funding to grow their range of dishes. It also hopes to grow its user base by expanding its advertising coverage.

Working with Startups

Toast has an excellent track record of working with startup brands that have reached a certain user base but need to grow faster than the limited audience provided by social channels. TV advertising allows growing startups to gain a massive boost in customers.

One of our most popular food advertisement videos was for the startup Innocent Smoothies. At the time, they had gained some traction by selling in selected retailers but needed a push to get their brand more widely recognised. TV advertising gave Innocent the boost they needed.