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A video production campaign destined for an exclusive digital life has all the freedoms expected of an advertisement that has no governing or regulatory body. Flexible runtime, salacious content, impossible claims and an unnecessary amount of explosions!

However with all of these decisions it can get difficult to weigh which direction is the most impactful and likely to generate the most positive interest for your business or products.

Involving Toast in your video production plan means we can assist at whatever stage of production, be it from idea creation, scripting and storyboarding or pickup an existing creative idea and begin! If you’d like a ball-park quote for production, email where you are to our producers at:

High Concept & Immediate Solutions

One of the biggest problems the advertising industry faces today is disengagement with video ads, either physically changing channel, skipping the video, or mentally “tuning out”. The key to engaging video production is creating something sharable; with online videos, concept trumps all. That means they needn’t be finely polished or go into huge detail about the service or product, they exist to create surprises or joy. Once the emotional connection is built the chance of an effect like persuasion and memory is inevitable.

If you’re looking to commission a video to publicise your brand, get in touch with Toast. We love nothing more than firing up our synapses and throwing together a campaign that will drive traffic through to your website, publicise your service or increase brand awareness.

London based Video Production

So let’s put our minds together and be bold; make something that will be saved in peoples liked video playlists and retweeted by the world & dog.

For more details on viral video production in London please call Felicity on 0207 437 0506.


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