Content Distribution

What is media planning?

Media planning is crucial to the success of your content campaign. Toast have developed unique relationships with our regular partners to ensure the TV ads and online content we create for you get seen by the right people at the right time in the right places. Our creative solutions always have distribution in mind and we operate an audience first approach at all times to feed the correct content distribution channels.

Bespoke Media Buying & Distribution Strategy

On TV it’s important that your product or services gets in front of the right demographic. And we can buy air-time on appropriate channels by region and by age groups and interests. For online content we can devise a distribution plan utilising content discovery platforms to push your video content to the right audiences. Which means that we target audiences who have a genuine interest in your offer and have a propensity to buy. The content they see will always be timely, useful and appropriate.


Getting the media buying correct makes sure your brand reaches its maximum audience:

“The radio and TV ads have achieved real cut-through, driving a six fold increase in sellers using our platform vs pre-campaign, with bottom line sales doubling month on month.”
Cara Whitehouse, CMO, Tootle

Toast will not only create new content but we can assess and repurpose your existing content so that it acts to amplify your new content and make it work harder for you. We can organise the best bloggers in the business to talk about your offer and recommend their followers to view and share your content and visit your website.

So at Toast it’s never just about making a great content, it’s always about making sure it gets seen, talked about and drives sales.

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