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Wired Animated Video Explainer – Shell Natural Gas

This is the latest animated video explainer produced for Wired Magazine and Shell. It details how the energy giant believes that natural gas is the most viable answer to bridging the energy gap.

Wired Magazine

Toast worked with the designers and editors at Wired Magazine to produce a series of animated video explainers for Shell. The series of videos all looked at the same subject: The future of world energy needs. Wired magazine carried and number of special features on how the planet will transition from traditional fossil fuels to carbon neutral energy forms. Wired wanted to compliment each magazine spread with an online explainer video to add more visual appeal to the stories. These videos were featured on the Wired website.

Animating static visuals

Using animation to bring still visuals to life is a great way of extending a set of created assets. In this case the Wired magazine team had researched and curated all the facts and data needed for the Shell piece. Toast took the Wired layouts in PDF form and broke them down into animation elements ready for animation. Wired then provided a script for the final animation which we used as the basis for the video explainer. Because the magazine layouts were all in scalable vector format they transferred perfectly into Toast’s animation system. The colours and fonts were all matched giving the animated video explainer exactly the same look and feel as the print and digital pieces.

animated explainer
shell explainer video
wired magazine explainer video

Explaining the future

The purpose of these explainer animations was to show how Shell plan to bridge the energy gap in the future using natural gas. As the world moves from fossil fuels to renewables Shell thinks there will be a period when renewables can’t provide all the energy the planet needs. Shell plan to use low-carbon natural gas to provide a backup source of energy that is less polluting then coal and oil and more responsive than a nuclear base load. Following on from this Shell also plan to use carbon capture and storage (CCS) to strip out the Co2 from burnt natural gas.

Another animated video explainer in this series looks at Shell’s new FLNG platform off the coast of Australia. The floating liquified natural gas ship compresses natural gas to around 1 percent of it’s gaseous volume providing storage and loading facilities for other LNG tankers.

Producing an animated video explainer

Toast worked closely with Wired to produce the series of animations. We started by building an animatic which is a roughly animated sequence that matches the script and shows basic timings of onscreen elements. In the next phase we produced fully animated sections of the explainer, these sections were added into the animatic so all involved could see how the project was progressing.

Wired provided feedback throughout the project which we incorporated into regular “work in progress” updates. Once the project was complete we delivered a number of digital files at various resolutions for use online and on social media.

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