Estate Agent Advert

How can we make a captivating estate agent advert that will mirror their compelling slogan ‘not all estate agents are the same?’ This was the challenge we were faced with when approached by agency ‘Finally’ to produce a set of TV adverts for Wards of Kent. We wanted to challenge preconceptions that all estate agents are ‘bad guys’ with a creative that branches away from what one might typically expect from an Estate Agents.

The Advert

Working alongside Finally and director Devon Dickson, we developed a TV, radio, social & out of home campaign for all of the Arun Estates brands. We wanted to confront this stereotype attached to estate agents by showing a young boy; brilliantly cast by Devon, and his admiration for the estate agent that helped his parents purchase their family home. Our aim? To create a charming, emotive film that stands out from other commercials in this sector.

First time TV advertisers

Toast has a great track record of introducing companies to TV. We produced Innocent Smoothie’s first-ever TV advert. We endeavour to make the process of TV advertising as smooth and uncomplicated as we can. Toast can handle the entire production from script to screen even organising the logistics of getting TV adverts cleared for broadcast and out to channels. Our process worked well for this estate agent advert with the production going smoothly.

advert still frame
estate agent advert
advert for wards

Filming the Advert

We filmed over two days, the first took place in a school where we were fortunate enough to have the actual children who attended the school feature in the classroom scene of the ad. Aside from the kerfuffle that comes with filming a class full of 6-year-olds, it was an exciting day for all. The second day took us to a location in Streatham, where we filmed the house viewing scenes. It was a great day with glorious autumnal weather, a great location, and a lovely crew. It goes without saying that the true star of this shoot was young Jack – an award-winning actor in the making, watch this space.

Working with Toast on your Advert

If you’re looking for an estate agent advert Toast can walk you through the entire process of getting your own TV advert produced. If you’re interested in learning more about TV advertising we’re always happy to give advice and show you how advertising could help improve your sales.

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