Popsa TV Advert

Popsa asked Toast to film an advert for their AI-driven photobook app.
John Gradwell directed the Popsa TV advert which was filmed on location using a real family previously used by Popsa for social media content.

The Popsa advert shows how families can quickly collect cameraphone photos and build them into a stunning printed book using Popsa’s intuitive app.

To keep an authentic feel, Toast filmed in the family’s own home. The advert shows how all those pictures we take of our family can effortlessly become cherished memories using Popsa’s app.

Family photos

Before camera phones and the digital camera came along the method for keeping photographic memories was pretty simple, stick physical paper photographs into a photo album.

Now that a camera is nearly always with us, we’re buckling under the sheer weight of images. The tendency has been to store these photos as safely as possible. We’ve lost the magic of flipping through old photo albums reliving great memories, as seen in the Popsa advert.

Other products have been available to make printed books from photographs, but these methods have always taken some heavy-lifting on the users part to either design a layout or juggle photos to fit within a rigid template.

Making a Photobook

Popsa has revolutionised the process of creating a photobook making simple what used to take some effort. The app makes it easy to download photos from either Facebook or Dropbox.

Popsa has also designed an algorithm that looks at each picture to pick the best layout to display it. The algorithm uses facial detection, orientation discovery to make sure photos fit correctly in the book layout.

Popsa’s advert was produced and edited by Toast; grading duties were handled in-house by Toast and by Coffee and TV. Toast handled all the regulatory Clearcast approvals and sending the finished advert out to TV stations.

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